Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Kwanstainia : Land of Chancres, Polyps and Spirochetes

When winnarz keep winning, they develop strange foul smelling drips and suppurating wounds.

Winnzarz encouraged to win, preferably with underage girls at knifepoint

Sapiens sexuality breeds monsters. You are now a genetic savant with greater understanding of the subject than most professors with 12 year degrees in same.


Matthew Richter said...

This chick is weird she wants to bonk 100,000 drooling cock boons and her boy friend is supporting the effort. Admittedly I could have a situation/relationship with a prostitute and it wouldn't bother me but this type of sex mission is, well like sport. Good on him for backing his missus.

styrac said...

Sexual love and propagation of the species are found to be in
inverse ratio to each other. At the bottom of the organic life ladder there is enormous power of propagation with a complete absence of anything resembling sexual love (owing to the absence even of division into sexes). Further on, among the more perfect organisms, sexual differentiation, together with its corresponding - increasingly powerful - sexual attraction, makes its appearance, up to humans where propagation is effected on the smallest scale, but sexual love and the power of attraction attain their utmost significance and their highest power.

What the above tells us is that - sapiens style - unattached sexuality that lacks constancy and has no intensity of passion is a sign that the species is de-evolving and not evolving, descending closer to lower forms of organic life and not ascending higher from them.

Matthew Richter said...

Styrac, you are aware of 'sex for fun'? personally I've been celibate since my mid twenties with around a dozen one-nighters that were initiated by the female. I only ever had one 'girlfriend' and I watched one child being born. Then watched her grow up from a distance. That was pretty much my episode with love.

Evolving, De-evolving, at this stage of the game (civilization)it seems to be every man, woman and child for themselves. IF the West crashes then it will be a simple case of letting the chips fall where they may. If you fancy yourself as a mentor to reprogram the aftermath then I sincerely wish you good luck and god speed.

I don't see the West crashing anytime soon all I see is high-tech slavery and seriously weird sexual behaviour. Smart affluent people are breeding but just enough to keep their fiefdoms intact and ever expanding.