Saturday, August 31, 2013

In a Sea of Evil, Sometimes Good Still Wins

It has the power of the truth on its side and all the lies in the world cannot stand against that light

All psychopaths and sociopaths have the truth as their enemy. It is anathema to their aims. No matter how dumb people get, you still can't fool all of the people all of the time. Not yet, anyway.

Finally, the British people just got fed up with all the bullsh*t. Wish we saw more days like this one.

Hard School Civil Defense : St. Louis 1954

Drills were conducted to prove the citizens understood what was at stake and could react correctly during an emergency. 

Nowadays you could not organize a single city block to do anything in the United States for any reason. Back then the nation state was considered one big team. They got improvamented.

A war that will never happen if America stays strong, they said back in those days. They were right. It would never happen if America stayed strong. Unfortunately America collapsed and fell to pieces over the next half century. Now, it is inevitable.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The 'Stain Prepares For Final Mega Winnarz Victory

The crows will pick at their radioactive skeletons for a century.

Constitution meaningless, emperor declares war at random without congressional approval

Empires always die this way, but this time the barbarians will be packing nukes

Next shelter is emphasing shielding over blast strength. I'm driving this one deep, too. When they hit 3 meters with that backhoe I'm going to tell them that is a good start, come back tomorrow and finish digging it out another 6 meters. The Russians are rumored to have upgraded the Death Hand with more cobalt recently as a deterrent to U.S. aggression worldwide. For the first year you'll be able to suntan your teeth by just opening the hatch and smiling.

Kwanstainia : Land of Chancres, Polyps and Spirochetes

When winnarz keep winning, they develop strange foul smelling drips and suppurating wounds.

Winnzarz encouraged to win, preferably with underage girls at knifepoint

Sapiens sexuality breeds monsters. You are now a genetic savant with greater understanding of the subject than most professors with 12 year degrees in same.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Accounts Of Giant Ruling Classes

All of them here very recently. This isn't ancient history. It was practically last week in historical time. The evidence is they were running the planet without much opposition until as recently as 3000 years ago when a lot of them were deposed from Sumeria and Mesopotamia and went into exile in Khazaria.

The indians showed blankets made of red hair to the newest arriving explorers from Europe and told them they had literally just missed these assholes, their ancestors had fought and killed or drove off the last of them only a generation prior. Their heads were shorn and thousands of blankets were made of the hair of these giants as a token of their victory. It was said to be one of the few things that could have united the disparate indian tribes and when they lapsed back into quarreling it was only because they no longer had a common enemy in these cannibalistic, highly intelligent red haired giants.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Kwanstainia 2013 A.D. = Rome 410 A.D.

Listen to this.

Right before the Visigoths under Alaric threw the mother of all bongo parties on the steps of the Capitol.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Revenge of Gnosticism

I had a strange thought today.

I thought how ironic that Gnosticism lost out to Christianity as a faith and still succeeded in poisoning the well of science and cosmology for two thousand years. With humans, the merits of an idea do not detract from its merits. If men could think, ideas would succeed or fail based on their merits in explaining the world around them. Ideas succeed amongst humans because they appeal to some facet of their vanity and their reason is in train to these instincts, not the other way around.

The left castigates the Christian Church for selling real estate in an imaginary world but their spiritual elders in Gnosticism thrust the entire universe into abstraction and called this reality. The idea that the real world is an imperfect representation of their "real world" which is described by mathematics has so corrupted the basic premises of the West that we would have to detonate the foundations to fix it.

God is not the author of confusion. Christianity was always too simple and lucid to inspire much affectation in its adherents, thus less attractive to them as a proposition than the moral indignation of pretending for their entire lives to be disappointed in the real world because it pales beside their constructed one. Behind most indignation we will find poor biology ... and the truth is, the left and their "noble savages" from some fallen Edenic state are mostly a ruse to conceal their own deep feelings of worthlessness.

Such a great and grandiose school of thought but it leverages the essential mediocrity of the people most likely to be its advocates. It is correct to say that the desire for "perfect forms" is often founded in a disappointment at oneself, not the world around us. The left has this conviction the world is broken and they are charged to fix it. They add greatly to its miseries when they make that effort because in fact it is not the real world that is broken.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Orwellian Pravda-Speak At Time Magazine

You couldn't make this stuff up.

We've got journalists calling for drone strikes on whistleblowers.

Wow, the dismal tide worked pretty fast on that supreme emperor's right-to-kill-at-whim law.

We've gone from evil jihadists in caves in Pakistan to open season around the planet, death-from-the-air to all who oppose the Empire or even report what they are doing.

The Founding Fathers would prescribe treatment as common criminals for all concerned. They left the rule of law behind a long, long time ago. If that is the law they are advocating then Caligula was damn near Perry Mason.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Rats Leaving A Sinking Ship

We had a twenty year headstart.

It's a shame but in the end, it was something made by the crooked timber of man and therefore could never straighten itself. It was the greatest nation we know of in world history and certainly one of the freest places ever permitted to exist for long. The problem with freedom is that it works too well and like all successful things sows the seeds of its own destruction. Once people began to take freedom for granted, the usual suspects moved in and turned it into just another socialist hellhole in less than two generations.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

PH Is The Most Important Ratio In The Human Body

A teaspoon of baking soda a day keeps the doctor away.

Some believe ozone achieves the same effect in elevating the alkaline levels in body tissues.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Freedom of Speech Not Tolerated In Kenya

In Kenya, the idea of commoners being allowed to satirise and ridicule public figures is anathema. You don't speak anything bad about your rulers.

On the other hand, it is a tradition that is centuries old in Europe and America. Notice where people migrate from -> to.

You'd think a "constitutional lawyer and teacher" would know that. At least, if there was any evidence he ever attended a college or taught a class. I have seen no such evidence. I have seen no evidence he ever showed up at any of the colleges he claimed to have graduated from. We don't know because his first act was to seal his own records in the interest of "national security."

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Darwin Got It Wrong.

If Charles Darwin were alive today he would concede his original ideas would have to be vastly modified to take into account important discoveries in the natural sciences.

All that stuff they taught you growing up that is so important to secularists is all rubbish. Do you know how they are always laughing at creationists because they are so incredibly stupid? Well, they're only amazingly stupid. The two groups together don't know their own asses from a hole in the ground. Ideas about the past in the 17th century were more accurate in many ways than the science fantasy rubbish that is taught in schools today.

The failure to find intermediary fossils is extremely important, as creationists point out. They just do not offer explanations of their own that make any sense when compared to the facts. Magnetic reversals solve so many mysteries they are like the Rosetta Stone of natural history.

Recognising the biological importance of reversals is key to understanding biology. Period.

Who engineered DNA to react like that in magnetic fields? It is an incredible phenomenon. Polyploidy is an extremely complex biological process that appears to be the work of unbelievable intelligence encrypted into micromolecular bonds. It is beyond miraculous, it is quantum magic.

The Fringe Nuts And "Conspiracy Theorists" Were Right, Authority Figures All Wrong

They've been saying it for years. Turns out, they were right and the media was lying.

Bad, bad situation for the food chain in the Pacific Ocean. Aquaculture looks more and more attractive every day. It may be the only way people can eat fish in the future.

Paradigm = Shattered

Read this.

Thanks to Vault-Co visitor who posted this link.

Seriously, I would have thought 100% correlation. Shows how much I know. I have always thought it 100% genetic. I've never met anybody I didn't think must have been born like that.

Also, the studies revealing shifts over time in practice. Wild stuff. I actually enjoy it when my preconceptions get changed around. Will have to think about this a little. Notice it is the combined conclusion from three independent studies.

11% is nothing, it is not even statistically significant.

Also, turns out scripture was right after all. That's not the first time it happened. Whooda thunkit. It is a choice. I notice that scripture always turns out to be right, except not necessarily in the way that men claim. It turns out to be right in a much more profound sense than humans could have even imagined.

Monday, August 12, 2013

There Is No "John" In The Middle East

Nobody who would want to be taken seriously would name their organization with a word that is synonymous with "The Toilet" in arabic

Do you know why more people don't call their bluff?

They are afraid that they will stage more false flag attacks using live humans as targets. It is not that most people don't know they are completely insane ... but that as when dealing with any lunatic, you avoid saying things that might spook them.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

World War Z

Kwanstainia, Land of the Undead

Flatlining mentally. See if we can get the relatives to grant permission to pull the plug. 100% brain dead vegetables cradle to grave.

Forcible relocation and genocidal depopulation programs percolating in White House, a clear violation of existing law both in the Constitution and the United Nations Charter of Human Rights.

Just making up legalese off the cuff that is crazy as a sack of ugly cats

A third world sewer you would not kennel a dog in

The State : Murderer of Children, A Home Wrecker and Nation Destroying Machine

I don't use drugs and I cannot believe a child could be taken by force from their parents because they engaged in casual marijuana use. It is not that I approve, rather that knowing how imperfect the world is I am astonished to think the State could be a monster capable of such arrogance to think that would give them the right to separate a child from her parents.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Asymmetry in Systems is a Sign that They Are Behaving Unusually

Sun's magnetic reversal is apparently due, this time it is curiously lopsided in a way scientists have not seen in recorded memory

Do lopsided solar reversals trigger magnetic excursions or reversals on Earth? Of course they do. Exactly when and how, nobody can be certain of. What is known is that the entire system is acting in a unique, chaotic and unexpected way that has not been previously observed.

We are headed for a Grand Minimum. It is underway right now. In retrospect, historians will howl with laughter at the global warming cult. If they had only known what was in store for them.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Raving Madness Of The End-Times Entry #8645

Black-Ops Stormtroopers Gun Down Bambi

Fascinating. Must Listen To This Guy!

Excellent summary of the battle between orthodoxy and the evidence.

Terrific points raised by this guy:

1. We know the original pyramid casing was used by locals to build structures with - but did they crawl up there and peel it off, or was it laying around the base of the pyramids when they arrived?

2. One of the truly far out theories that circulate amongst ancient nuclear war advocates is the suggestion that conquering armies detonated mini-nukes inside of pyramids to destroy the tombs of their rival pharaoh melonheads. If you listen to the guy, he points out that the evidence says some very powerful bombs were set off from the inside, not the outside of these granite, not limestone structures. People might have cut precision blocks from limestone with bronze age tools (perhaps) but they sure as hell did not cut hairline granite custom fitted blocks with those tools. Egyptologists want so badly to assign responsibility to the primitive people who live there today they go to great lengths to prevent any examination of the walls of deeper tombs.

3. Something happened about 12,000 years ago to give the whole planet a massive case of amnesia. Humans act like traumatized domesticated slaves who were suddenly cut off from their real masters and had very little capacity to survive on their own. They are very similar to servants who have fled a burning house and have been so badly traumatized they can't explain to you what started the fire or what happened to the original owners.

A Grand Minimum Leads To World War 3

Scienmajistic types figure out the obvious

They call it "climate change" now to avoid saying "global cooling."

End of the Holocene will not be a pretty thing.

Homo Sapiens is a grasshopper animal. He's not made for colder temperatures and tougher conditions. In particular, he is ill-suited to environments that require even small amounts of thinking. There is no future for the Saps on this planet. Sorry, sucks to be a creature of weak means dropped onto a planet that is naturally cold. Gosh I'd hate to be ya, Saps.

Little did he know when he was conducting his 40,000 year bongo summer party which kicked off with the cannibalization, gangrape and genocide of the Neanderthal that the party was not going to last forever.

Normal conditions will return and the same environment that promoted the sane, balanced equilibrium of the Neanderthal people will see to it that those kinds of genes endure. There is no other option.

Homo Sapiens is not mature enough to possess nuclear weapons. They were invented by coalitions of melonheads and Neanderthals. Sapiens will destroy himself with them at the first sign of stress.

You can see what motivates the push for global government. The problem of course is that the people pushing for the New World Order are themselves too dumb to see the implications of their own actions. They look down on the peasants they seek to rule whilst they themselves are as hopelessly corrupted and stupid in their own right as those they despise. It is difficult to imagine a worse plan than global government, unless your goal was depopulation. I'll let you draw the conclusions.

Aspergers != Autism (Opposite End of the Spectrum)

This makes the American Psychiatric Association look like unbelievable morons for taking it out of the DSM and lumping it in with autism. Another reason psychiatry is a worthless profession so far removed from science it has ceased to be relevant.

Still trying to brand it a pathology in the article that follows but the journalist doesn't realize he is refuting the content he just reported.

People with Aspergers have better connected brains with more associative memory and stronger formed connective tissues between left and right hemisphere. I am guessing the melonhead genetic engineer that created the manboon decided he'd slice most of those connections away to create a creature fractured against itself, a beast whose left hand would not know what his right hand was doing.

I knew all this stuff already. I am just stunned to see it printed in the mainstream.

Friday, August 2, 2013

VAULT-OS : Does Microsoft LAN Manager for DOS have fastest TCP-IP access in the world?

There's a trick to it. When you know it, it flies. It seems faster and more responsive to server requests than anything in Linux or Windows. All that top-heavy crapola does not get in the way. There is not much of an operating system to the Disk Operating System. There is also not much to break down or go awry or lock up.

If you go to this page, you will see the secret is using a parameter called a CHAINVEC for the DIS_PKT shim you insert into LANMAN to provide packet driver access.

Once this has been turned on, web pages in my DOS-32 server pop up as quickly as the Lua-based cgi can write them into the buffer. They pop on the browser whether the server is running as localhost or remote. The speed is remarkable. This also goes for the UPNP network running in the background over UDP.

I have talked about this before. If you have never heard this rant you may find it interesting, otherwise you can ignore this post.

There are DOS machines that have run gas pumps for 25+ years without ever failing. DOS applications in Desqview were built by Admiral Rickenbacher for the most important Cold War devices, including navy buoys in the North Sea designed to detect submarines. DOS has run on elevator systems for 30+ years without a hitch in some buildings. DOS based embedded boards have monitored pipelines in remote areas without maintenance for decades at a time. People have discovered DOS machines running underground in mines literally forgotten by everybody at the site because they simply kept doing the job they were intended to do without requiring any patches, upgrades, maintenance work, replacement parts, reboots or redesigns. If the squeaky wheel is the one that gets the grease, DOS must be a frictionless system because nobody ever has to oil it.

DOS is the quiet achiever. It is the operating system everybody has forgotten about. Everybody is too sophisticated for it, it has fallen into the wake of the embedded industry. Always all this pseudo-marxist "progressive" crap when the only thing that counts is this - what is the MTBF? (Mean Time Before Failure) DOS clearly has all of them beaten by a wide margin.

Advocates of Linux, Mac and Windows all constantly argue about how less error-prone, fault-proof or reliable their systems are without realizing that all their operating systems are dwarfed by the monolithic power and stability of DOS based dedicated devices.

As a contractor, I can assure you that one of the most important reasons that engineers keep insisting that this or that new thing must replace the old is that they need to keep churning up business. If everybody built with DOS, a lot of embedded engineers would probably starve. It simply doesn't fail.

I have been working with embedded devices for eight years solid now and have spent hundreds of hours experimenting with every configuration you could think of. It is true that Linux or FreeBSD are far superior for high availability than any other operating system ... except DOS.

My motivation is not to make money by creating work through contrived complexity and then to charge money for the time it takes to sort through all this complexity. It's a good living for a lot of people but if you were to look closer you would see their interest is in manufacturing a livelihood.

My motivation in the design of VAULT-OS is to answer one simple question :

If I wanted to design a post-apocalyptic computer that is intended to run for a century as a general purpose vault manager without failing and keep it supplied by parts that are found everywhere, how would I do it? If I was really serious about the simplicity of it, the elegance and plain vanilla accessibility of it? Without requiring any special parts, accessories or sensitive devices? A computer that would run from scrap, scavenged parts, automobile relays, thermistors made from copper wire?

This has been my overwhelming obsession for a long time. I have coded up and experimented with many, many samples to determine exactly what to expect from various approaches.

In my opinion, nothing exceeds DOS. It is the ideal bedrock upon which to construct a post-apocalyptic computing device.

My build of Vault-OS also currently compiles to Windows, where I do a lot of my work out of convenience. I personally plan to deploy it in my next shelter as a DOS-based military grade hardened board with EMP shielding. I will probably use the ancient of days, the NCD 451 Explora thin client devices as my remote terminals. I aim to install it and leave it running for 20 years without even having to reboot it, that's my target for MTBF.