Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Darwin Got It Wrong.

If Charles Darwin were alive today he would concede his original ideas would have to be vastly modified to take into account important discoveries in the natural sciences.

All that stuff they taught you growing up that is so important to secularists is all rubbish. Do you know how they are always laughing at creationists because they are so incredibly stupid? Well, they're only amazingly stupid. The two groups together don't know their own asses from a hole in the ground. Ideas about the past in the 17th century were more accurate in many ways than the science fantasy rubbish that is taught in schools today.

The failure to find intermediary fossils is extremely important, as creationists point out. They just do not offer explanations of their own that make any sense when compared to the facts. Magnetic reversals solve so many mysteries they are like the Rosetta Stone of natural history.

Recognising the biological importance of reversals is key to understanding biology. Period.

Who engineered DNA to react like that in magnetic fields? It is an incredible phenomenon. Polyploidy is an extremely complex biological process that appears to be the work of unbelievable intelligence encrypted into micromolecular bonds. It is beyond miraculous, it is quantum magic.


Grognard said...

There's a huge attack on the idea of natural select selection because it doesn't fit in with the european union/globalization agenda. However it is very quick, and it's not a one time thing either. If you have a niche open up something new will come to fill that niche and in the fossil record it will seem to happen instantly.

You don't even need anything to add mutations beyond the norm. The sad fact is when you aren't under selection pressure 99.9% of your beneficial mutations die out. When you get into a situation like humans are in you get into a dwarfing situation. Brains become smaller, quantity gets emphasized over quality. People are getting dumber at record pace, and smart people being replaced by dumb ones who reproduce faster.

KW Jackson said...

Magnetic reversal triggering genetic change doesn't invalidate slow change evolution. It only adds to the possibilities. You don't need to understand the quantum workings of DNA to know that if progeny with heritable traits are killed before they can breed those heritable traits will be lessened in a population. That's basic ontology.

The great rumblings and streaks in the sky are reminiscent of the plasma discharges talked about by Thornhill et al at It seems the two theories are connected. The research I've seen suggests that such plasma discharges have such a high energy that they will cause magnetic disruption in a localized way as suggested by the various localized reversals; Mungo, Gothenberg, etc. The same way you can't take electronics near an arc furnace (EMI).

Alvar Karlsson said...

Apparently thals where the first to use tools.

Alvar Karlsson said...

Thals taught us to use tools?

theepilgrim said...

Leftists only like Darwin when they're debating creationists, anyway. Anytime his theories are applied to humans they seem to have an allergic reaction that turns them into creationists.

Grognard said...

There's much older stone tools. Some in africa are over 2 million years old and some in china may be even older.

Texas Arcane said...


- but do those traits emerge or are they selected from a wide, wonderful array of genetic freaks and wonders at the end of each magnetic reversal?

Do those qualities emerge from competition before - or - after they have already been produced?

For example, did the Giraffe eventually get a longer and longer neck ... or did a long necked mutation discover it was better suited to survive in some savanna after it was born as-is?

KW Jackson said...


Both. Thal/Sap hybrid is a great example.