Saturday, August 3, 2013

Aspergers != Autism (Opposite End of the Spectrum)

This makes the American Psychiatric Association look like unbelievable morons for taking it out of the DSM and lumping it in with autism. Another reason psychiatry is a worthless profession so far removed from science it has ceased to be relevant.

Still trying to brand it a pathology in the article that follows but the journalist doesn't realize he is refuting the content he just reported.

People with Aspergers have better connected brains with more associative memory and stronger formed connective tissues between left and right hemisphere. I am guessing the melonhead genetic engineer that created the manboon decided he'd slice most of those connections away to create a creature fractured against itself, a beast whose left hand would not know what his right hand was doing.

I knew all this stuff already. I am just stunned to see it printed in the mainstream.

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Grognard said...

I think asperger's exists but the plethora of manboys with poor social skills who think they have it are generally just that.