Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Grand Minimum Leads To World War 3

Scienmajistic types figure out the obvious

They call it "climate change" now to avoid saying "global cooling."

End of the Holocene will not be a pretty thing.

Homo Sapiens is a grasshopper animal. He's not made for colder temperatures and tougher conditions. In particular, he is ill-suited to environments that require even small amounts of thinking. There is no future for the Saps on this planet. Sorry, sucks to be a creature of weak means dropped onto a planet that is naturally cold. Gosh I'd hate to be ya, Saps.

Little did he know when he was conducting his 40,000 year bongo summer party which kicked off with the cannibalization, gangrape and genocide of the Neanderthal that the party was not going to last forever.

Normal conditions will return and the same environment that promoted the sane, balanced equilibrium of the Neanderthal people will see to it that those kinds of genes endure. There is no other option.

Homo Sapiens is not mature enough to possess nuclear weapons. They were invented by coalitions of melonheads and Neanderthals. Sapiens will destroy himself with them at the first sign of stress.

You can see what motivates the push for global government. The problem of course is that the people pushing for the New World Order are themselves too dumb to see the implications of their own actions. They look down on the peasants they seek to rule whilst they themselves are as hopelessly corrupted and stupid in their own right as those they despise. It is difficult to imagine a worse plan than global government, unless your goal was depopulation. I'll let you draw the conclusions.


Grognard said...

The killer bees are agitated.

Bob said...

not sure if youve seen the above list before Tex.