Thursday, July 11, 2013

Skydrive -> NSA Long Term Storage

I think a year ago a guy at work went on his Hotmail account and he announced to everybody "Hey, there is this weird message where Microsoft is asking me if I would like to store something on this thing called 'Skydrive' - should I click 'Yes?'"

I said, "Please do. They just got a new server box in Langley, Virginia and they need you to help them build a better profile of you and all your known associates."

Everybody in the office laughed. That crazy Tex and his weird, far-out paranoid suspicions about everything. How do people like that live? They must go nuts seeing conspiracies at every turn.


olebob said...

I've started using ixquick. No more Google for me!

olebob said...

NSA Blackmailing Obama? | Interview with Whistleblower Russ Tice

Some dude said...

Mostly they just refuse to process it.

For a short time I used to show other Jews google photos of Coronado naval base, which is a giant swastika built in the 70's. this one photo effectively deconstructs everything we know about the US and WWII, and the Nazis.

So how do they react when they see it? They shake it off, thats how. You wouldnt believe folks come up with. "Never again" my ass.

I and one of my best friends reacted by going bananas and throwing shit around the room for an hour (we didnt see it at the same time). But maybe Im just weird...

marlon said...

This doesn't just apply to SkyDrive; all online storage - Google Drive, Mediafire etc. is NSA property.

marlon said...
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Grognard said...

Yeah they don't need server access when every router is storing every bite.

As for nazis coming back, haha. But you will probably think the next great problem is a lot worse.

ian-jarchy said...

They used to call me paranoid when I adamantly refused to upload to the 'cloud' any personal document of mine unless safely ensconced inside a triple-key TrueCrypt container and/or a steganographed file.

'Why would they even care about your data?'

I know the don't give a crap about my vacation photos, Einsten. Or me, for that matter. That's not the point. We're collateral damage.

Jesus. We complain about the NSA and associated goons but the existence of a big, dumb flock of sheep certainly makes their job easier. Not a single person I know stopped using Facebook, or Google, or Hotmail after the whole debacle. Not one. It's a symbiotic relationship.

Use DuckDuckGo to search, TOR/Onion for light browsing, a VPN for everything else, encrypt the shit out of everything, try to keep your data separate from your identity, KEEP LOCAL COPIES and you'll be probably fine.

ian-jarchy said...

It's safer to operate on the assumption that every bit that leaves your computer can and probably will be stored somewhere, at least for some time.

deadman said...

Just assume at this point in a - 'hope for the best / plan for the worst' type way of thinking; that every email, text, phone call or any electronic message you've ever sent is visible someway, somehow by corrupt government officials.

- deadman.

Grognard said...

And don't think you only need to worry about the gubmint either.

I have had many sites registered after a simple google search on a term. The same day.