Saturday, July 6, 2013

Secular Thinker

Organized religion is responsible for the violence in Homo Sapiens. That's actually what these people believe. Stop bothering God with your grievances, Atheist. Your pagan belief in the better angels of man is a thousand times more ridiculous than Christianity ever aspired to be. The wisdom of God is foolishness to men ... but your foolishness is just foolishness, period.


Amy said...

And then there is this story.

The gays are such an open, loving, accepting bunch.

The Great and Powerful Oz said...

Try explaining to an atheist that mass literacy in western Europe was driven solely by Gutenberg printing the Bible and parents wanting their children to be able to read it.

The dynamic of Protestantism is what drove most of the improvements over the past 500 years. I agree that a number of bad things have happened in the name of Christianity, but so have quite a few good things. When you look at the number of people killed over the last century by atheists, the Christians don't look quite so bad.

Mex Arcane said...

Any of the more prominent secular thinkers that a fanboy would direct you to at this point are made out of exactly the same stuff.
Same batshit beliefs, same catch-phrases, but with a more refined British diction and a thousand dollar suit.

deadman said...

Always with the knee-jerk, reactionary, emotive diatribe with the atheist.

I would have thought the one thing an atheist hates (gay, jewish or otherwise), is to have beliefs shoved down his throat.

Yet he seemed quite eager to shove his beliefs down everybody else's throats...

Also, was that a comment about the dreaded - 'goyim'?

Geez, talk about a superiority complex. Or, should that be an inferiority complex in his case...

- deadman.

samhuih said...

About the comment 'goyim'. I think it should be evident by now that a large subset of Jews are mentally deranged.
What really made this clear to me is reading this:
"The Biological Jew: Eustace Clarence Mullins"

It's 55 pages and mostly stays on track.

They also, as I have said before, seem to have a large amount of psychopaths in their population. That would make for efficient, guilt free predation.

Some dude said...

No offense guys, but I don't think blond haired, blue eyed, red necked fellows are typically Jewish features.

Me smells a rat.

Some dude said...

Also, we don't call you folks "goyim". We might say "those fucking goyim", or "goddamn goyim" but it's not used as a direct insult.

Mostly because the word "goy" isn't an insult, it means "nation" in Hebrew. In the sense of ethnic nation. "goyim" means "nations" or "bunch of people from other nations" if you like.

Which is another reason why I think the whole thing is a massive con. Only a Christian who doesn't know much about the Jewish community would actually think we'd use that as an insult. This is probably a hoax.

Just letting you know...