Wednesday, July 24, 2013

"RODS FROM GOD" Planned For Syria?

Another fantastic delusional paranoid dream here on Vault-Co, until a U.S. general confirmed the option was on the table for aerial destruction of Syria from orbit.

Whatever we have, apparently it is catching.

The 'Stain will only have to use a weapon like this one time to permanently lose all credibility and be branded a mad dog nation of lunatics. Fire away, Scotty.


Grognard said...

I had some doubts about the god rods due to the enormous mass required and no asteroid harvesting known to be happening but I don't see what else this would be. Maybe a gauss gun.

Rowan said...

Cancer cured, no one takes notice.

Cancer is caused by metabolic derangement (caused by malnutrition and gut dysbiosis (caused by processed food)).

Another effective treatment is an extended raw food diet and vast quantities of probiotics if you happen to have cancer.

Dexter said...

Dude, that was the LEAST credible interview I've ever heard in my life.

What some "Irish-Palestinian" Leftist nutcase says on Iranian TV does not strike me as an authoritative statement of American policy.

Just sayin'.

Rowan said...

I know I ask this every year and you no longer have a vault, but how's your underground aquaponics system coming along?

styrac said...

That was a statement by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and not by some "leftist nutcase", ya moron.

And Iranian TV is far more truthful and objective than any media you will ever have. Go back watching cuntservatives like Lindsey Graham on Fox TV.

Lugh said...

Well what is the weight of the rods? I can understand them causing destruction, but equal to a nuclear blast? As Grognard said, wouldn't they have to be enormous to do so?

Grognard said...

They can cause as much devastation as you want.

The plans I have seen require a ginormous mass that's not practical to put into orbit but if you could harvest asteroids that's no issue.

It only has to be that large when your requirement is a fast response first strike weapon, though. If you use a planetary whip to gain some momentum, or accelerating engine from orbit even a tiny asteroid could become a city destroyer. Turns out the tungusta meteor was much much smaller than originally thought, thing was tiny.

I don't know how you could test this out, but if you are amoral and stupid enough to actually use it you probably don't care if it might wipe out the wrong a-rabs, either.