Monday, July 29, 2013

Putin : Prepare for ITZ

ITZ drills proceed apace. Vlad going to be hunting for ZOG meat in the near future.

All Russia and China have to agree on is their common enemy. Everything follows on from that solitary observation. They don't have to be best friends to know when they should work together. Technically, they only have to get along well for one day and the 'Stain will be gone.

The future is so bright, I gotta wear shades. Russian-made blast goggles, in fact.


Grognard said...

They'd love to take us out but I'll worry when the chinese have missiles with with german or swiss made gyros for guidance and not one second before then. At least the russians had great designers, even if stuff only worked a quarter of the time. You can't throw illiterate apathetic peasants into a big building and exit with a working war machine.

styrac said...

Why Russia didn't supply Iran with state-of-the-art anti-aircraft missiles in the first place? Because it opted for providing Iran with upgraded ANTI-BALLISTIC missile defense.

"In some respects they have been upgraded, says Vladimir Yevseyev, director of the Center for Social and Political Studies...If, hypothetically, strikes were made against Iran, rockets would make the first strike. And it is very important to intercept them."

styrac said...

"America, meanwhile, advances liberal imperialism through its favored cutouts- from transnational Muslim militant groups to Open Society NGOs imposing democracy, multiculturalism, feminism and sexual perversion...What Putin faces is the same Revolution that nearly killed Russia in the last century, the same regicide apostates who have driven over generations to build a counterfeit paradise on earth according to malevolently inspired abstractions of liberty and equality.