Saturday, July 27, 2013

More Fun With Sandy Hook

It's interesting to see the layout of the area.

Looks like it was an abandoned building that sat idle the past ten years before it was used in the crisis drill gone bad.

See where Rosen's house is? Across the street was the crowded fire station. Gene Rosen should have been charged with abduction for entertaining those kids at his home. Emergency services was literally 50 meters away, he should have turned them over on the spot. How would you feel about a strange single bachelor taking your kids into his living room and keeping them there for hours knowing that police and emergency crews were right outside?

This story is totally true. Media people are honest.


Jack Black said...

It doesn't look abandoned, just old.

theepilgrim said...

Sandy Hook looks like a run-down, long abandoned, hollowed-out shell?

So how is it any different from the rest of America?

Grognard said...

That picture of the most stereotypical jew on earth with arms stretched out and surrounded by toys is hilarious.

I can't go so far as to think the gubmint is gunning down little kids to make what amounts to a retarded anti-gun infomercial that no one who is pro gun will ever give a crap about, but he smells like a plant. I can't see how little kids would rush past a fire station yet stop just across the street while guns are still blazing, at the house of the only jew in all of connecticut. And his only comments would be "the children! Oh god think of the children!".

samhuih said...

If you look at the roof at around 1:30 or so there is a large round tube sticking up from the roof. It appears to be an air vent. A little later around 1:40 it shows a close up of the vent. One problem though. All the vents on roofs I've seen usually have a bracket holding a electric motor that runs an exhaust fan. The fan is covered by a mushroom shaped cover to keep water out. I've been on a lot of roofs like the one shown and have never seen such a large pipe left uncovered. You don't want rain in the building. The only pipes left uncovered are plumbing vents and they are much, much smaller.

Grognard said...

Also, the perpetrator makes no sense. Not a sociopath. Not a psychopath. Not an embittered 40+ year old loser. None of the people who'd actually do this kind of thing.

So we have a teenage kid who a school teacher gave weapons to work out his issues. Who didn't have them locked up when not in use but let him have them all the time.

It's just a situation that makes no sense. Not impossible but everything about it is as far fetched as can be as if it's designed as a morality play to say that guns will make people into homocidal maniacs.