Saturday, July 6, 2013

How Is It Done Behind The Scenes?

Must-read by Devvy Kidd

Confirms many suspicions put forward by the "conspiracy nut" crowd over the past forty years. William Cooper suggested this very thing on his radio show a dozen times. He said all our public officials were controlled through extensive blackmail to expose their ugly private lives by an internal spy network funded by U.S. dollars.

The real power lies with the people doing the wiretapping. Those outfits are practically Mossad-run franchises that use taxpayer money to fund their huge intel operations.

They then acquire the knowledge of the most intimate details of these perverts when they are not in front of television cameras. Once they know they have information on them that allows them to control them in public, they then promote these straw men to high offices.

The guy who listens to the phone taps is the person with the real power because he knows the secrets of everybody else, including the people who are capable of doing the most damage once they are groomed for office.

They knew Barry Soetoro was a Kenyan-born down-low brother who would be easily manipulated once installed in the throne, the way you pull on the strings of a puppet. That is why they spent so much money funding his campaign and pushing him in their media outlets.

If you control information, you control the entire planet. It doesn't matter what sodomite you hire this week to pretend to hold the offices. They are just fronts for those who really run the society.

The John Birch society was right.

Robert Welch was the most prophetic and visionary political activist in the history of the United States. This dark dystopian nightmare the American people find themselves in was foreseen by him many decades ago.

Turns out, the "crazy" people were the only ones who actually understood what was happening.


deadman said...

T'would seem that it won't be long before the mocking term - 'conspiracy theorist', won't even be applicable to much of anything soon...

- deadman.

Edward said...

Well the whole reptilian thing still seems rather far fetched.

I imagine it will be a while before we get to see the Queen peeling off a layer of fake human skin in public, but yeah, if that were to actually happen there wouldn't really be much left to mock anyone for.

Chris from Sydney said...

Soon you won't hear the term 'conspiracy theorist' it will be flushed down the memory hole just like 'McCarthyism' has dropped out of vogue since the Soviet Union fell and it turned out everybody McCarthy said was a Commie happened to be on KGB payroll.

samhuih said...

Things seem to be coming to a head. Not sure if this is good or bad. We have all these leakers but the people in the House of Rep. and Senate seem powerless to do anything about the drift towards total authoritarian government.
It's a very bad time. People want change but they don't seem to realize that change could be for the worse. Much worse.

Some dude said...


Thats only because you dont understand the purpose of a lie. Its a means of short circuiting one's conscience for the sake of fear. The worse the fear gets, the greater the imperative to lie. As a person gives in to lies/fear he becomes weaker, (I cant prove this but I believe that Truth is the ultimate form of strength, so from that assertion if one pushes away Truth, he becomes weaker). As he becomes weaker, his fear increases, and his inclination to lie subsequently gets worse.

Honest people will have an easier time pointing out the disconnect betwen the mainstream lies and the truth because it will be more obvious. But in the end, there is a class of frightened people that can only be reached by the powerful. If you are being hunted and attacked, those people will not help you. They will bury their heads in the sand (at best) and look the other way.

Grognard said...

Doesn't reptilian just mean reptile worshippers of old ie melonhead?