Friday, July 19, 2013

Christchurch Feeling The Brunt Of Worldwide Tectonic Activity

I don't think Christchurch is a very good place to settle down. It looks like it is headed for uninhabitability in the near future.

It wouldn't take much more to turn it from a modern industrialized city into a volcanic basin.


Some dude said...

Those of us who are not Christian, might say your headline was metaphorical, some might even say prophetic,

Some dude said...

Nope, I do believe in God. Im beginning to think most people do despite what they say. But you are right that I have too much self hatred and self righteous indignation.

At first I regretted what I wrote, but the insight you just gave me made it worth it for me at least.

Some dude said...

Actually you deserve a better than that. The truth is, I believe that the earthquakes in Christchurch are a sign from God that he is displeased with the Christian world and how they have been behaving.

Why He is displeased is a different topic. I think that question is your business. On the other hand, I also believe that whenever someone hears about someone else being punished or rebuked by God, he hears about it, because God also sees the same flaw in the person hearing about it. So if its a flaw you have, its also a flaw I have. For whatever that is worth.

Good luck, seriously, everyone is going to need it soon.

Texas Arcane said...

I'm terribly sorry. I misunderstood your post. There was an atheist on here who used to celebrate every time some news came of some Christians suffering some natural hardship, I got you confused with him. My apologies.

Some dude said...

No problem Tex.