Friday, July 12, 2013

China Prepares for ITZ

(Prime Vault-Co Meme)
That's because they know ITZ coming.

China is not stupid. They know the only thing that stands between them and global hegemony is Kwanstainia, a degenerate nation of crotch-grabbers with a lot of powerful technology still left behind from the era they had actual people living there.

A couple launch keys and the Chinese know that the 'Stain could do them a lot of damage with very little effort, despite being too dumb to even know how most of their weapons work. They have prepared accordingly.

The Chinese are planning to survive a first strike and retaliate in kind. When the smoke clears in China, the population will emerge from the sanctuary of their substantial civil defense program and resume their lives. In the United States the smoke clearing will consist of the people who used to live there before they were vaporized.


samhuih said...

Scary. I still haven't got my shelter ready yet. Ancient backhoe. Work with it 4 hours and work on it 6 weeks. Always something. Sigh...

styrac said...

It's not only China that prepares for all out warfare with the Kwanstain:

Gotta love how some "analysts" still like to pretend that is is directed against China or even Japan and babble the same old crap about "Russia is concerned about the rise of China threatening the Siberian territories". This qualifies as "analysis" for Kwanstanians because they don't want to face the truth: That, as vault-co put it, China and Russia are preparing to tag team the KWA.

Especially now that Putin is onto them about the Snowden affair knowing that it was a set up right from the start by the US directed against Russia making the country the real "prisoner" in the situation: