Monday, July 29, 2013

A Vault For Me, Unfortunately Not For Thee

Conelrad proves that worrying about nuclear war is a waste of time for peasants, a valuable investment in continuance of government for those who are much better than you.

As always, people with the proper insignia and certificates are well catered for with your tax dollars. Imagine how much better the facilities they enjoy today.

However, if you dig out the storm cellar another meter in your backyard, you're some kind of nut. Anybody with less than a million to spend on their own pathetic existence is just living their life in fear. The same million spent on making certain I have warm towels when I exit the shower in my black-ops subterranean hotel is well worth it if I am one of the extra-special people.

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Russell said...

Notice, too, how working as a good little employee/consumer keeps the food on the table and the bills paid just until the next paycheck?

The idea that the employee might be able to save up enough to tell the corporate world to take a hike is just too frightening, so the game is rigged from the federal government down to local and back out to the international corporations.

The average schlub will never understand how to raise his own food, harvest and preserve it, much less build a shelter to keep it from the predators.

It's hard to learn that, I'm working on it and it's a tough thing to grasp because this age has abstracted away so many things that allowed a man to grasp his environment and suit himself to living there.