Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Stay on the Good Side of the Ring of Fire

Say whatever you want, I stopped having nightmares about tsunamis blotting out the sun after we moved.

Even if it was all in my mind, there is something to be said for the survival value of the cessation of that kind of anxiety.

Pretty dumb to spend a quarter mil on a shelter and then end up having it backfilled with sand. I have nothing to say in my own defense. I built it in the wrong place.

I miss the old shelter sometimes. I just keep telling myself the next one is going to be the best yet.

I've built several in Australia. The first collapsed, the second flooded, the third one was destroyed by mold. It is like refactoring Vault-OS except the refactor costs me a couple hundred thousand each time to try again. I really intend to get it right next time. I'm going to combine everything I have learned into the ultimate shelter. If my next one finally gets it all right and I stick Vault-OS into it running on DOS, it's going to last for centuries and never suffer a problem I can't fix. After I put my brain into a cyborg body around 2128 A.D. after we have all survived a half dozen nuclear wars, I will run the new generation Vault-OS on a thread in my brain to make certain I can keep tabs and monitor the shelter from anywhere. Okay that's pretty crazy. But no seriously, a cyborg brain. I meant that part.

Whatever happens, I won't worry about a two mile high tsunami triggered from a crustal shelf displacement rushing towards me at the speed of sound. That's the one scenario I could never think my way out of. I ran it through my head a couple hundred times, even thinking about fiberglass tanks reinforced with steel bands we could all jump into like Noah's Ark. It always seemed to me like that sort of situation would leave me feeling completely out of control. Global nuclear war, Ice Age II supercell hurricanes, rods from God, biowarfare, earthquakes I always imagined myself and my family sitting securely in the shelter playing GALAGA and trying to balance a tea in my lap while the shelter rocked from nearby detonations or tremors ... and having it all under control. The tsunamis kicked my ass and killed me even in my visualizations. I was scared of those.

I was downtown this afternoon seeing how deep I could go in the local subway system. I went down four stories underground and then found another staircase where I descended another two stories. I had previously only seen subways that deep in pictures smuggled out of North Korea. This was the right place to build the next generation of Vault-Co shelters. With a bit of planning you could walk forty miles underground in this town without ever surfacing and reach the urban centers from beneath without seeing any sunlight. We should have settled here ten years ago.

I'm trying to see the good that will come out of it and I think the best thing I have to show for it all is an incredible embedded system that was refined for over a decade trying to fight that stupid mold and stabilize Firehold Bravo while it was unoccupied. The mold won the battle but I think Vault-OS will win the war. Later this year after I get my game finished, I'm going to put the first version up for open source and let everyone see what they think of what I have been percolating since 2001.


Simon said...

Are you still in Australia? There are only two places in Australia which possess what could be described as
"local subway systems".

"Yeh brudda, I was just knockin about down de local subway system at Dapto, choo wadda wanga brudda."

Lugh said...

I saw that Australian movie "The Last Wave" that ended with your vision. Is this Catastrophe a real part of Aboriginee lore?

iese_83 said...

You seem to have no cash-flow problems... .Yea, i can´t afford a shelter, but at least i don´t live on the groundfloor.

Grognard said...

But the fourth castle, the fourth castle stood.

Jack Black said...

OT: Roman concrete finally analyzed:

Texas Arcane said...

Lugh -

Probably based on experience by the Aborigines. They would have seen the coast levelled more than once by mile high waves according to the fossil evidence.