Sunday, June 16, 2013

Something Wrong With Snowden

I agree.

Too smooth. Too polished. Too targeted a message.

I agree with Wolf.

The regime wants people to know they are being watched at all times. This is just the means to publicize that fact.

Something about Snowden rings a bell in me from my brief classes in Psy-Ops in the military. He just sounds and acts like some of our rehearsal exercises. That's not how real people speak. He sounds like he has memorized his agenda in advance and practiced the script until it sounds natural.

The guy doesn't sound bright enough to have the motivations he claims. I did not find him convincing. I never doubted a word he was saying about the surveillance, it is just that I do not believe he is a genuine whistleblower.

It never ends with these guys. How can you tell when they are lying? Their lips move.

I want you to know, there was never a day I didn't sit in Psy-Ops classes and feel a strange thrill thinking about two different secrets I was keeping ... I lied. I am getting out of this shabby military in six months with an honourable discharge. Also, these idiots have given me free classes that will provide me with insights into their appalling lies for the rest of my life. They'll never fool me again after this. The only real dishonesty I ever committed effectively in my life was pretending all that garbage did not make me sick to my stomach. I noticed even back in those days they at least pretended their motives for doing these things were essentially benevolent. I know now that was never true.


lou said...

Would you trust a conspiracy blogger who admits they were trained in psyops?

Grognard said...

It sounds a lot like a feeler sent out to see how the campaign to make people give up their privacy is going. Get people used to it slowly.

There's not been any privacy since maybe 2002.

Texas Arcane said...

Psy-Ops is always combined with OPFORS training. Hey, maybe I am secretly a stealth Russian/undercover KGB as well.