Saturday, June 15, 2013

Peasants Losing Library Card Privileges Worldwide

You couldn't make this stuff up. It is straight from the pages of dystopian science fiction. Of course, since soon nobody will be able to read any dystopian science fiction, it may not be possible for them to ever realize they live in a dystopian society.

If the government closes down the libraries, I don't see a big need for tax revenues. It is a primary responsibility and when they surrender it, we can safely assume they have lost their reason to exist. Unless you consider their reason now is oppressing the people who live there.

Are modern police paid with tax revenues to protect the taxpayers or are they merely henchmen for the State? Do they spend the majority of their time protecting persons, property and liberty or the majority of the time stripping people of those things without due process? Who does the State spend most of their time fighting? Where does their focus lie? Are they the primary enemy of human beings worldwide?

Funny how I was just reading agitprop stories similar to this one about changes to libraries here in Australia, "reimagining them," I think they call it. Which means taking all the books out of them. But of course this initiative has nothing to do with that initiative. It just happened at the exact same time on different sides of the planet purely by chance. They get away with this crap because they have help from the people who tell you what to think.


Noid said...

OT: Tex, another "dog of the sea" seems very at home with land mammals.

KW Jackson said...

The State is always the same.
An absolute moral imperative that it proclaims - then makes an exception for itself.
It's wrong to steal.
But state powers taking money by force (tax) is okay.
It's wrong to kill.
But state execution is okay.
It's wrong to lie.
But state propaganda is okay.

The same imperatives exist elsewhere in all "control paradigms" that claim a moral core.