Tuesday, June 11, 2013

"Main Core" - This Is Like That Thing Tex Was Talking About

Tex Arcane is some kind of nut. Everybody knows that the government is our friend.

"Main Core" is reserved seating on FEMA boxcars. These people are guaranteed a bunk in the re-education camps or at least a spot on the brick wall.

Trust government, they are like your parents except more offishal and edjamafacated. The citizens exist to serve them. They are mere cogs in a machine which can be replaced when judged defective.

The first Bolshevist coup in 1918 made a lot of mistakes but these guys have learned a lot from the feedback on that job. The second one will have far fewer glitches.


KW Jackson said...

Menopause - even that is the fault of men.

Edward said...

On the Menopause thing, talk about getting it backwards.

Do men stop having sex with older women because they are infertile, or do older women become infertile because men stop having sex with them? Chicken or egg?

The alternative I suppose is that they keep on giving birth until
they eventually die in childbirth, potentially leaving a child without a parent. Surely evolution would select against that outcome.

The Grandmother theory makes a lot more sense to me.