Friday, June 14, 2013

Leftists, Marxists, Socialists, Communists and Statists Are Damaged Goods

Period. There is no doubt about it. It is signed, sealed and delivered.


THERE IS ONLY BIOLOGY. THE LEFT ARE BIOLOGICALLY DAMAGED PEOPLE. They are the botched. The bungled. The busted. There is nothing to debate. Nothing left to prove on this subject with science.

People who don't have the brains, guts or brawn to terrorize other human beings, steal their stuff and assert their psychosis in the open are weaklings and cowards who want the State to do it for them by proxy. They want the State to strip people of their security, property, health, national identity and human dignity. They don't want these things because they are the good guys. They want these things because they are bad, bad people. Rotten. Gone off, like spoiled meat. You don't have to be completely stark raving mad dribbling gibbering insane to be on the left, but it doesn't hurt.

The reason the leftist hates God is because it represents the final hurdle to his impulses, which he can't control. God represents order, principles of conduct, constraints and the rule of law. God is an obstacle to them raping, killing, stealing and running absolutely amuck, which is the only thing they have ever really wanted to do. They hate God because he represents the father figure who tells them that they have to demonstrate self-control. They are missing the amygdala at the center of their brain, so self-control will never be attainable for them. Who are we to question God, who makes some vessels to be broken to the greater glory of those he preserves?

Every study of the psychology of the left done over the past century has demonstrated that the leftist has a sharp subconscious conviction of his innate inferiority that is well justified.

They are destroyers. They used to die young and pose no threat to the human gene pool. Nowadays, they outnumber healthy people.

They are a DEATH CULT. This biological group is the reason that our civilizations are cyclic and rarely last longer than two hundred years. It takes about a hundred years for these assholes to get their boots on and begin their march through the institutions, which they promptly turn into caricatures of real life that flatter their vanity. You never heard truer words spoken.


theepilgrim said...

"The worst form of inequality is to try to make unequal things equal".

Aristotle said that. Thousands of years ago. You have to wonder who these strange people were back then foolishly 'trying to make unequal things equal' that prompted him to say that in the first place.

The Left have been trying to impose their twisted worldview on the sane since the dawn of man.

It's interesting looking up the etymological origins of the word left and the words it's related to: sinister, weak, foolish, twisted, crooked.

Contrasted with right: just, good, proper, fitting, straight.

Of course, leftists would chalk this up to coincidence. The Left "just happen" to be called the left, and the Right "just happens" to be called the right. It's just an historical quirk, nothing more.

A world of coincidences and random occurrences we live in, eh? Because the alternative would be that it's the universe telling you in plain language which path to follow. Which would also mean the universe itself has a consciousness behind it--God.

If that were the case the moral relativism practiced by the left wouldn't be "relative" at all; just simply evil, plain and clear.

And of course it's also a coincidence that whenever the left get their way everything starts going to hell.

"Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster."

That is precisely what has happened in America--the Straussian neo-conservative movement. The right in America have been fighting the monsters on the left for so long that they have fallen into the trap that Nietzsche warned about: they have become a mirror-image of the monsters they were fighting, hardly a difference between them.

ray said...


inferior cowards who must hire their violence by proxy

and that = terrorist matriarchy, which is what all western nations quickly became under leftism/womanism

weak males, ever seeking to "protect their women" and thus prove their manhood/worthiness are easily duped and co-opted (across the political spectrum -- the righties are almost as bad)

"Who are we to question God, who makes some vessels to be broken to the greater glory of those he preserves?"

scares the shit out of me, that's for sure

the lefties just HATE that God is better than Their Awesome Selves, and they hate that He made other creatures who are greater than themselves, so they collectivize like insects to destroy what is superior and good, under cover of "group identity" and "progressivism" and "protecting womenandchildren" and "civil rights" ad nauseum


styrac said...

Liberal hypocrisy (Awesome article):