Sunday, June 30, 2013

Forbidden To Speak Of, Forbidden To Look At, Forbidden To Think Of

These people have been dead at least for thousands of years. That's what we are supposed to believe.

Then who is it still hiding their bones and concealing their existence? Their children. They have not gone anywhere. They are not quite as tall, smaller heads. They have had to conceal their rule in finance and money instruments.

The melonheads are the original rulers of the planet. They have always commanded and the creature called Homo Sapiens has always obeyed.

There was one race that would not obey, said the Demon Humbaba in the Epic of Gilgamesh. The great hero Enkidu and all his kind would not submit to the "gods." For this reason, they would be punished to make an example of them. A living ghost he became, in the world but not of it.

The bones of the rulers are still accidentally displayed but often it is merely oversight until the fossils are gathered up and sealed in the basement of the Smithsonian where no one is permitted to see them.

Notice all the ancient indian legends were extremely accurate. Red hair, blue eyes, a double row of teeth, cannibals, merciless tyrants, a sixth finger.

The people of Polynesia say that when Oannis came to them from the floor of the ocean and appeared at the shore, he asked them to bring him a drop of blood from someone who had blue eyes and when they told him of a child born with a sixth finger who died soon after, he asked them to retrieve a lock of the child's hair. In exchange he gave them a stick that when shaken, gave off a light. He said that he and his kind lived on the floor of the ocean where they created life. Oannis with the head that came to a point, who wore the scales of a fish he swam through the ocean with. He has been credited with teaching mankind all the crafts and knowledge they possess. Before Jesus Christ, the cult of Oannis was the largest worldwide and served as a state functionary to teach men their station. Another reason for them to hate Christ, who taught that all men are made in the image of  God. Anathema to the race that believed that all men were made to serve them. When the young indian brave who escaped to tell his story of his imprisonment asked his captors the red haired giants how they could do such cruel things as eat men, they told him, "Having made your kind, we are free to do as we wish with you."

The melonheads have Nietzsche's argument close at hand for all who put their faith in God. They say "How could there be a 'god' if I were not permitted myself to be one?" It is their ancient cry.

God may save the souls of melonheads too but I think there are scarcely any who would ever approach him for forgiveness. They are too full of themselves to ever do anything but sneer at the notion of the sacred. It has always been their way. They worship the serpent, the Nahash, the reptile, the cunning of snakes and the wisdom of vipers. This is the only thing they would ever countenance.

I heard in the past ten years the Lovelock, Texas skeleton which was on display a century has mysteriously vanished and all attempts to correspond with the local university do not shed any light on where it has gone. Worldwide, in the past twenty years, the internet has brought about the seizure of many melonhead remains that have been too widely publicized. The skulls at Malta were supposed to be particularly frightening. You will see that wherever it is announced, somebody or something shows up immediately afterwards and spirits it away.

I have something for you to think about ... is the melonhead an IS-A descendant of melonheads and therefore nought but a melonhead ... or is a melonhead a HAS-A relationship to all mankind? Melonheads, Neanderthals and Homo Sapiens are all HAS-A grouped into the human family. Can a man be both a breed and yet always a human being, in both groups and perhaps others forever? Amongst Neanderthals there were four types in Europe alone and perhaps more. They were men but they were also very different from one another in many ways. Nevertheless, they may have been identified by all who saw them as "Neanderthals" and thus targeted for genocide. The Mousterian, the Amud ... could they be more different? Yet also the same.  The Amud, being the most different of them all, may have been considered to be in danger of escaping the IS-A Neanderthal taxonomy and simply be taken as a man, too similar to human beings of all kinds to differentiate from in appearance alone. Is this why he had to be destroyed?


JeffreyJerpp said...

Does this mean the melonheads were purely mammalian in nature? It strikes me that the serpent worship, and the appearance/behavior of present day descendants signals some mixture of non-mammalian dna. I think you've said as much before on this blog. For instance Larry King's skull is a dead ringer for the bust of Akhenaten's daughter:


But from the front, something about King's eyes appears cold, not particularly human-

live and learn said...

Have you read the dead sea scrolls?
Maybe man was created who and one but he had within him two opposite natures. One was good and the other evil. He was given equal measures of the two. Where we are now is a result of that same polarity within the original man. I would suppose that following one way or the other would change your DNA (as above so below, spirit and matter). It says in the dead sea scrolls that god chooses who walks the path of evil and who walks the path of light. Your theory of the coming ice age fits in well with the view of the cleansing of evil. perhaps your ways change your DNA and if you walk the evil path you will not develop to be equipped to survive the next ice age.

Grognard said...

I lost the link but they discovered remains of ancient hominids on Crete. I thought that was interesting as it implies some VERY ancient seafaring humans or almost humans.

Grognard said...

Also, the amud skulls have been sequenced and match ancient skulls found in cameroon and further east.

So rather than saying they died out, I'd say it's more likely this is the basis of where "anatomically modern humans" came from. They may not have the same mtDNA but that's the only place the increased brain size could have come from originally.

The SA stuff similar to bushmen is clearly out of SE asia originally. Also, before the bantu expansion came about that was what africans looked like, not wesley snipes. Not until the 1800s did africa become black.

styrac said...

Look no further than Guercino's version of the enigmatic painting "Et in Arcadia Ego" and notice the size of the skull, quite an obvious allusion that in the tomb rests a descendant of the Melonhead bloodline.


They are reptilian in nature and regard Cain (who according to their doctrine was the offspring of "Eve" and the serpent of Eden) as their progenitor and therefore stick to his worldview:

Cain, unlike Abel, did not believe the world was created by God's Love. Abel represents the God-loving creed. Cain the self-loving creed. Cain believed that there is no Judgement and there should be no reward for the just (Abel) and no punishment for the wicked (Cain). That life is devoid of virtue which results in a life of impiety, self-love, arrogance, ignorance, lawlessness and so on and that explains their need to present themselves as "Gods".

The reptilian connection is well established if you pay enough attention to notice the serpent symbolism together with sun-worshiping and Pyramid imagery even in well-known Hollywood movies where an archetypical Melonhead features, be it Thulsa Doom in Conan, or Tyrell in Blade Runner (Zhora's snake dance) and the "snake scale" scene:

styrac said...

P.S. and both these movie-character melonheads meet their end by the hand of their own creations who rebel against them, just as Tex suggested happened more or less with the real melonheads.

Texas Arcane said...

JJ -

It is hilarious that people can see somebody like Larry King every day for decades on television and still be convinced we're all basically the same species descended from the same ancestors. When you see the side view of Larry King it looks like a Boskopian. Even more hilarious is when people like Larry King tell everybody else, pay no attention to my extra 1000cc of brain mass. I can assure you brain size means nothing. They nod their heads like they are in autohypnotic states. Yes, Larry, brain size means nothing.

Texas Arcane said...

JJ -

I don't know why they have always worshipped serpents or if they are descended from dinosaurs. I honestly don't know. I do know if they haul up an ancient column from the sea floor that may be over a 100,000+ years old covered in serpents with sceptres, it is pretty fair guess to say they have been worshipping serpents for a long time.

I don't claim to know who was here first, the Neanderthal or the Melonhead. I know the melonheads have lived here a long time, at least as long as the most reliable Neanderthals now posited around 800,000 years.

Once you get that far back you could just as easily say ten or a hundred million years and it would be hard to prove you wrong.

Most of the claims I put up on Vault-Co are backed by some solid evidence I have read or seen. If the melonheads really are reptilian in origin that would explain a lot. I only know they are very ancient indeed and their origins are so remote we might never know when exactly they began their rule.

Texas Arcane said...

If you want to know where my ideas come from, here's a sample :

70,000 year old serpent worship site very close to Boskopian Tombs.

I could put these up all day long and not run out of anecdotes.

Becoming Aware said...

I notice that you linked to a page on the SOTT website. I'm wondering whether you are familiar with the site's backers framework of psychopathy. In particular, their suggestion that psychopaths are in fact far more prevalent in society than is generally presumed and largely rule the world. The group also believe that humans are divided into distinct races which they label souled humans and organic portals.

Just wondering what your general opinion is regarding their views, if in fact you have taken a look at them.

Grognard said...

Burning red spearheads? I wonder if they once sacrificed redheads like egyptians and so many others.

Texas Arcane said...

Becoming Aware -

Yes to all.

styrac said...

The Melonheads could also be identified with the "Archons" (Rulers):

styrac said...

Tex, if the Melonheads - identified as the root of all evil on earth throughout the ages - are only fully fledged flesh-and-blood creatures, why does St. Paul (obviously alluding to them) says in Eph 6:12 (this is also quoted almost word by word in the first paragraph of the Gnostic text I linked to above - probably a later Christian addition): "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."?

This has made me question their true nature.

Carolina G said...

I very much enjoyed all the former comments. Quite interesting to see the views and opinions of others who think on the same subjects that enter into my mind as well. I was just thinking on Cain the other night.

It occurred to me that he might still be here today, as absurd as that sounds, it is indeed a possibility to some level, either way. My main thought was on how painful it must have been for Adam to have to lose his son to his first son. Thinking wow how amazing God is that he would teach him such a lesson in such a way. It took my breath away.

My views on these stories are not similar to most views, but still I hold them because they are mine, just like my own children, I would not go against them because they make sense to me and carry me through my life.

One thing I know for sure is that we are all from One source, and that is God. No matter what possible specie we might or might not be, no matter how cold and detached a psychopath might be, they too posses the same spirit that we all do.

Adam and Eve were given a very long lesson that I see is coming to fruition and completion. We are all decedents of life. Love creates.

If aliens from others planets exist, they too poses the same spirit we do, so love too comes into play, as was the true message of Jesus.

I trust and know that we will all come to the understandings we need to have when we need to have them.

Much love to all.

Caroline (_*_)