Saturday, June 8, 2013

Every "Conspiracy Nut" You Have Ever Heard Was Right. You were wrong, sheeple. About anything and everything.

Word is, this is only the tip of the unbelievable ugliness. The worst isn't even public yet.

The mistake made during the previous Bolshevist coup was failing to identify associates who might also be dissidents. This time around, they wanted to make sure the boxcars got everybody. Just like we told you, Facebook and Google are supercomputers building lists of your friends and family. They would sweep whole households and leave no witnesses. The record you existed would be destroyed and nobody would be the wiser.

Remember while reading the links below Australians ... that red-headed witch was in bed so intimately with this administration she was introducing legislation lockstep synchronized with the agenda in the U.S. and the U.K. at the same time using the same wording. The labor party is responsible for this hideous monster being in charge in our country. Julia Gillard is a distinguished member in standing in this club and you and your family are not and never will be. Wake up!


A digital ratfink keeping tabs on everyone. 

How dare they report the truth for a change.

Nothing is wrong when we do it.

Everywhere. All CCD cameras in three western nations to be tied into a giant supercomputer grid recognizing faces and tracking movements 24/7 whenever you were outdoors.

Nobody voted on this one.

On everybody, period. Not just "dissidents." (People with IQs above room temperature.)
I wish I was making this sh*t up. Each and every piece of mail. The first Bolshevists dreamed of such power.

Even a dopefiend gets it.

Serious spin trying to exert damage control. It's the worst scandal in the history of mankind.

The way to know if you are not a criminal is that you are not in the government.

A manchurian candidate groomed for decades to take the Presidency and impose this agenda with puppet precision by his shadow handlers.

You should know, Assange, since you're on their payroll.


Grognard said...

Hey bros just give us your phone number YOU COULD LOSE YOUR ACCOUNT WITHOUT IT.

Anyone who uses a cell phone is even more of a moron. Built in listening device and GPS built into one. I'm shocked no one worries about this stuff.

deadman said...

Now they're not even trying to hide it...

After the IRS scandal, Fast & Furious, the DHS ammuniton scandal, the increased use of drones & everything else of late;
Washington's streets should be awash in the blood of bureaucrats.

However, the only blood letting the sheople indulge in, is in Game Of Thrones. Or Call of Duty.

God said he'd let those who are geared towards one thing or another, to then be immersed in that which takes their fancy.

They are born sheep & they'll be round up and slaughtered like livestock.

- deadman.

Grognard said...

A stampede of sheep is a scary thing to behold, all the DHS ammo in the world won't stop it.

They think getting ahead is the game but if the bad gets bad enough even being a billionaire will be a horror. Maybe a worse chance to survive than anyone else.

Mex Arcane said...

Why do you think Assange is on their payroll? He's holed up in an Ecuadorian embassy with trumped up charges & prison sentence awaiting him.