Saturday, June 22, 2013


They are just going public with it now.

Before the internet, plenty of people like me on the fringes had already figured it out.

It was always a secret hidden in plain sight. If you would simply read between the lines you could guess back in the early 90's that they were trying to keep this on the down low.

The irony of calling the Neanderthals cannibals is too complex to discuss here. It is all about projection.

The Neanderthals were a race of people who revered the dead so much they took twenty years to bury them with great ceremony and sometimes after they had been preparing the bones for that entire time. They had a rich notion of the afterlife, giving their loved ones all the implements they might need in the "next life" to "survive" so they would not arrive there empty handed.

From everything I have read and seen, I would guess that out of all the races of people that have ever existed, none of them had a stronger taboo and personal revulsion about cannibalism than did the Neanderthal. This would have applied to highly intelligent animals that the Neanderthal regarded as "people" in their way, like dogs and horses which they domesticated. Of course they ate bison, aurochs, seals and mammoths and yet they still anthropomorphised them and immortalised their human qualities at places like Las Caux. To this very day you will see farmers who love their animals but some of them they eat at the ends of their lives.

As for people, I would bet that much like Eskimos the Neanderthals regarded this as the worst of all crimes and were disgusted to even imagine such things possible.

Not merely to be genocided but to be genocided in this way by huge overwhelming locust-like hordes and their women raped and taken away captive ... too horrific to contemplate.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Homo Sapiens has not changed much at all in the past forty thousand years. For the most part, still a bloodthirsty and essentially insane monster.

Notice how they are still talking that rubbish about "out of Africa." They must not have got the memo. The original proponent of the idea has sworn off it and claimed it was dumb even back then to assert such a thing.

The truth is ... nobody knows where this monster came from. It just appeared at the southern tip of Europe in huge mobs so suddenly it seems impossible. See why I think the way I do? What good this creature, other than its usefulness in killing the Neanderthal?

If all you knew were the facts you might think it the purpose for which this rude beast was made.


live and learn said...

Tex, how do you deal with the fact that you are, for the most part, a homo sapien? I understand that you may have traces of neanderthal genes like many of us, but even the man with the highest level of neanderthal genes still has a higher majority of homo sapien genes.

Grognard said...

If out of africa were true there'd have been cities in africa first, animal domestication, and a notable lack of animals like lions and crocodiles.

Grognard said...

Also, the most likely common ancestor between chimps and humans is in africa, the common ancestor even further back than that in europe.

The H erectus in africa had pinheads and were knuckledraggers and probably didn't walk upright, they are probably the ancestors of chimps.

H Florensis is apparently descended from them, if they genetically sequence it they will be in for a shocker. Unfortunately they don't seem eager to analyze the genetics of anything that will actually give real info about the past.

Grognard said...

The other funny thing is they are giving the area "back" to the aboriginies.

styrac said...

Irish MP Clare Daly: Obama a war criminal responsible for the death and displacement of hundreds of thousands in Syria:

theepilgrim said...

"One theory for the Neanderthals disappearance is that they couldn't compete with humans, who had better brains and more sophisticated tools"

Another theory is that unicorns flew out of my butt on rainbows, then traveled back in time and took all the Neanderthals back to their home planet in their spaceship/time machine.

I believe this theory has at least as much evidence and merit, what do you think, Tex? ;)

"There is a consensus, therefore it must be true." -the mantra of the homo sap horde.

Texas Arcane said...

Live and Learn -

Because I believe in a completely different paradigm for the way genes work. I understand the way you think about them because I myself once thought that way. I know now it isn't like that at all. You think it is like blending paint colors. The less red, the more pink. The less blue, the more cyan. This analogy is wrong. Genes don't work this way at all.

The genes are not really mixed any more than you can mix oil and water. At a young age the genes will begin to follow a certain channel one way or the other. The only question is how far they will go up that channel by maturity.

In most technical and scientific people you know, the genes have not gone far up that channel but they are still by no means of the other channel. An incomplete Neanderthal frozen in mid-development is not a Homo Sapiens with some Neanderthal genes. They are still a Neanderthal, albeit incomplete. In those cases where the genes go far enough up the development channel, by the age of fifty you should really be able to tell something is amiss, as in my case and many others.

This is a complicated subject, most people are encouraged to think of genes in simple terms as in the analogy to paint colors I described.

Lugh said...

The paint paradigm seems to work with Race and IQ though: Mulattoes are smarter than Negroes, Quadroons are smarter than Mulattoes, Octaroons are smarter than Quadroons and so on.

baduin said...

I have read that Almas was hunted for meat in Mongolia up to XIX century. Apparently Mongolian professor C. Z. Jamcarano/ Tsyben Zhamtsarano wrote about it, but there is very little on internet about him.

KW Jackson said...

Throw epigenetics into the mix for greater understanding. As with Tex's lye exposure. Genetics have a lot of elements like programmable triggers. Since there's so many dormant combinations (on/off) and redundancies it's pretty obvious that survival once depended on adapting to an environment that could change rapidly (magnetic reversals, sudden ice ages, stellar plasma discharges, etc) by having traits biologically activate. One thing that I'm hoping Tex has access to with his various contacts is epigenetic research on the Neanderthal markers - since the whole concept essentially comes from studies of Scandinavian populations.

Texas Arcane said...

Lugh -

... and what you are actually saying there, without knowing it, is that the closer your brain develops to that of a Neanderthal, the brighter you will be. Your brain could develop exactly like that of a Cro Magnon or a silverback gorilla and you would be no more or less brighter. So the more of the brain that resembles a Neanderthal, the brighter a person is. You notice it is less about the blending and more about the genes which are being activated or modeled.

njartist said...

Based on what you are stating I will be so bold as to venture that a people can be absorbed into another people and then, in time, re-emerge centuries later: As God said He would sift the Israelites through the nations.

Grognard said...

Epigenitics is just gene expression. It doesn't create anything new just determines which of your genes are more dominant (or behaves in damaged manner like with methylated hair follicles that create hydrogen peroxide).

I'm not sure what tex means exactly. Personally I think the world is just inundated with random wrong mutations and ideas that don't work due to being at the tail end of a golden age. Eventually there will be a bottleneck and all the faux liberal party before the end of the world nonsense will come to an end.

eumaios said...

Tex, are you familiar with Rupert Sheldrake's writings on morphogenesis?

Texas Arcane said...

Grognard -

I can't write a book up here tonight but will try to say it as succinctly as possible ...

Epigenetics is the expression of certain genes under certain environmental triggers or stresses. It is rapidly becoming a big part of understanding genetic theory.

The key thing to understand is that the expression of these genes is not necessarily "additive" ... like "all these genes plus an extra gene." Epigenetic expression can mean exclusion - the expression of this branch automatically prunes several others so they do not develop at all.

So sometimes it is not just a fish plus a gene for a longer body. Sometimes epigenetic expression means the gene for a longer body so affects all the others that the final product is more like an eel than a fish. It can even affect the way the fish actually breathes - through gills or its skin! See what I am talking about here? There are marine species like this.

The idea of simply blending paints in a can is a false analogy. Genetics is way, way more complicated than that.

styrac said...

Texas Arcane said...

It is truly incredible that Lamarck may have had some valid points, possibly completely by accident. Lamarck himself was a lousy scientist and yet by sheerest chance the ideas he chose to champion are actually of some merit, Lamarck himself notwithstanding.

Grognard said...

Well I will have to read up more, don't know all that much I guess.

styrac said...

Tex what is your opinion about this video and particularly on what he refers to as the "Babylonians"? Can these "Babylonians" (or Chaldeans in other sources) be identified with the Melonheads and did they alter the Creation story in Gen 2 (saying man was meant to be a slave and not in the image of God as Gen 1 suggests) to justify their world enslavement agenda, and is this the reason they hate and oppose Christianity which preaches that man was made in the image of God?

Texas Arcane said...

Yes. While not doubting the veracity of scripture (the inspired word of the Supreme Being writing through men) I believe Genesis is a variation on an earlier story in which man's place was described as that of a servant to the "gods," which was how they liked to be described. They were no gods, merely masters.

Part of claiming to be special people today set out by "god" is another way of claiming to be a "god." Many people have noticed that there are people in the world who claim to strike them is like striking "god." They claim in their teachings to be co-equals with "god." So some "converts" have taken the original Hebrew teaching and put it through the evil melonhead filter in their brains and decided that the beginning of wisdom is the fear of them, not of God as in the Supreme Being. They have decided this religion is nothing but an excuse to glorify themselves even as they deprecate its origins. It is not an opportunity for humility but self-aggrandizement to them.

These are deposed ruling classes from Sumeria and the Mesopotamian regions who have traditionally always worshipped serpents. They are not who they fancy.

The inspiration of scripture lies in describing man as obligated to behave himself because he is made in God's image, so as not to sully their father's name. This is a very sublime and noble idea compared to the baser versions of this general mythos that once circulated. In scripture, every unclean thing is made quite pure which is the sign it comes from somewhere outside where we are now.

styrac said...

I guess that explains perfectly these lines from Sidney Lumet's NETWORK:

- "I have seen the face of God"

- "You just might be right Mr Beale"

styrac said...

It's sad to see people professing themselves to be Christians substituting belief in Christ and His Word with the worship of these creatures as "God's chosen ones" and support every terrible act they commit as "the will of God". It's the source of many evils in today's world.

live and learn said...

That makes sense. I have heard that genes can change during a mans lifetime. I wonder how much our choices have to do with this change. Like pigs, when taken from the farm and sent into the woods will began to grow hair and tusk, being a far more efficient pig. Maybe its like this, "if you dont use it, you lose it", regardless of the genes you start with perhaps. I feel that you can curve your growth in a particular direction starting at a young age. I'm still learning, time will tell.

live and learn said...

maybe it doesn't matter what genes you start with but what you develop into based on insight, knowledge, realizations, etc, that matters. I tend to believe that we do not suffer for are fathers sins, as long as we can recognize them and change.

live and learn said...

we all carry the capabilities for light and for darkness. We chose which one we let grow.

L said...

Look at LaRouche's skull-



styrac said...

@L July 5, 2013 at 4:07 AM

Absolutely. Notice the huge receding forehead.

Tex is the receding forehead a prominent characteristic of both Melonheads and Neanderthals? If I'm not mistaken Neanderthals had receding foreheads but not as big, which suggests that to have a receding forehead big in size you must be a Melon-Neo hybrid.

Larouche is probably one of those rogue Melonheads that are against the rest of the bunch.

Grognard said...

Nah, he has deep set eyes and a big face, don't think he is a melonhead. Now julia styles or orson scott card....

Texas Arcane said...

Styrac -

They are always fighting for their own regime. Luckily their slaves fight each other even more. The ancient problem for rulers is both of them want to rule, they have that in common, but both of them know in order for one of them to rule they have to work together. So their alliances are always shifting even though they have common cause.

Lazer said...

First time poster here with a degree in Anthropology. Im amazed and stunned at the amount of actual evidence there is to back up some of these theories. I was linked here from excavating eden. It explains a lot of the social stigma Ive had to deal with during my life as by my rough estimate im a THAL. Anways on to the real reason I posted. Im wondering if eating a Diet close to that of a THAL or exactly like one from the archeological record could cause the THAL genes to be expressed in more detail. This has already been shown on numerous occasions( to be the case. Even location has been show to be a determinant in the expression of genes. I have a hunch that we may be able to activate some forgotten THAL genes if we eat our way into them. Ill get back to you guys when I have more information on this hunch, as its late right now and lack of sleep is setting in.
Best Regards,

Texas Arcane said...

Lazer -

I don't think a child of Enkidu will develop properly at all without sufficient protein. A neanderthal really can't eat too much of the stuff if they are craving it.

Lazer said...

So apprantly the current research on the subject of the THAL diet is that they were originally thought to eat exclusivly big game. Big game here includes deer, horses, elephants and even rhinos( However, now there is evidence that neanderthals ate cooked vegtables which contained complex startches. This makes them easier to digest( They even dined on medicinial herbs such as camomile. This means that they ate a varied diet similar to that of the paleo crowd, minues the oats, barely, and legumes of course. However, if they were physically active the negative effects of these, spikes in insulin levels i.e. precurosr to diabetes, would be neglible.
Tex your right on the head about the protein. Since they were hunting big game which would have supplied ample amounts of protein. Im speculating here, not wildy so as I eat a low carb diet and can attest to its effects, but they may have been in ketosis from all the meat they ate. Eating a limited amount of carbs would have satisfied cravings and the neccesary amount the body requires. Many paleo dieters eat this way and carb load one or two days a week so the negative effects of ketosis can be mitigated. Also ( mentions carrots. Carrots are high in Vitamin A which is known to play an essential role in vision. Which can easily explain the incresed occipital lobe size of the THALs. It also plays a vital role( in testosterone production and the utilization of protein. This alone could possibly explain the increased musculature of THALs vs Cro-Mags I also stumbled across ( website while looking for information the diet. 23 and me allows for sequencing of an individuals genome. They even can tell you how much THAL DNA you have :-).
Best Regards,

Melonhead said...


I'm glad that a trained anthropologist has found this site.

Do you know of a scientific way to test bones to see if the source of the animal protein it ate was mostly flesh or mostly dairy?

I originally theorized here[1] that neanderthals were dairy herders who consumed lots of cheese. I later expanded that here[2] to say that the neanderthal barbeque pits that included both prey animals (like deer) and nasty-tasting predators (like badgers) are the result of circle hunts to clear areas for herd animals.

Cheese is really easy to accidentally make if you store milk in an animal stomach. Cheese consumption explains neanderthal musculature, teeth, the crafting of whistles, their fascination with climate controlled caves for cheese aging, their large brains for future-time orientation, and cultured dairy products can be consumed even by lactose-intolerant adults.

Let me know what you think. Thanks!



Lazer said...

I tried to respond, but I think the comment got screwed up as the response was pretty massive. Ive since uploaded it in a document to mega(!Q51h1SgK!d0to_m12R3kXUdhVNyvjMlFb34YMc9VfeiKPPl3OFEk). The short of it though is your theory makes a lot of sense, and connects some serious dots.
Best Regards,