Friday, May 24, 2013

What Really Happened At Benghazi?

This is one of the most cogent explanations I have heard that ties together all the loose ends that the White House seems to have left lying around.

It was a false flag supposed to boost Obama's ratings which got completely out of hand and ran off the field. It is likely that the ambassador, a confidante of Obama's, knew what was supposed to occur and was working according to a script. Must have been a surprise when he got sodomized and then dragged to death.

If Obama is not impeached over this then Amerikwa is a lawless nation and it is every man for himself. There will be no point in pretending that the Choomster is anything but a merciless tyrant running a military junta.


Cranberry said...

Oops, meant to sign in under a different name...but I'm a regular here, just using my pseudonym now.


Also meant to say: me, praying?! Signs of the apocalypse, indeed. :-)

Cranberry said...

He is too beloved to be impeached, Tex.

Hell, your average American doesn't even understand why Benghazi (or the IRS affair, or wiretapping the press) is such a big deal. Or why one, or all, comprise impeachable offenses. Or why all us rednecks are so up in arms about Obama's gun control plans. Or any number of issues, take your pick.

I'm starting to pray, and hard. And I haven't done that with any seriousness in over 20 years. Signs of the apocalypse, indeed :-)