Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Vault-OS : Named Pipes

I finally got my ancient, mummified book on Desqview-X programming and it helped me sort out how to use named pipes under Desqview. I now have one piece of source code that compiles versions for Windows-32, Linux, FreeBSD and DOS16/32 (under Desqview) using named pipes to communicate between processes. Named pipes are superior to mailslots in that they are asynchronous and bidirectional.

This was the last piece of the puzzle I have been searching for over the past couple of years. Once you have named pipes as cross-platform code, you can decouple the UI completely from the web server and run it as an option in many different flavors. The UI could be the GTK Server, a text windowed interface (I have the perfect candidate running in PowerBasic for DOS) or even an X-Window running on a remote terminal. This makes the VOS web server (50% scripted in Lua) infinitely distributable and installable as a service on almost any platform. It represents a true Model-View-Controller architecture with the display mechanism irrelevant to the function of the server.

After I get my game out I am going to build a separate site for Vault-OS and launch it as a new project with open source. The first version is going to blow people's minds, guaranteed. I have looked at a lot of HMI/SCADA systems out there in open source and none of them compare with mine, which will build almost anywhere there is an ANSI standard C compiler. I have yet to try my code on a Rabbit, ARM or AVR device but I expect it will run on those devices with a little tweaking where other systems could not possibly hope to go. The only real requirement is some implementation of Berkeley Sockets on the target platform, otherwise all the other code is compiled in.


iese_83 said...

Was this / is this a Voo Doo hex ?!. Did ya just recite a Voo Doo mantra / hex or WTF !?!?. I understood absolutely nothing !! nothing about this, except DOS. Anyway, i believe you are going to set up a new Vault site for us all to read, and thus i says ; i can´t wait to see it. Good luck.

Russell said...

I'm quite interested in the project.
I keep toying around on paper with different home automation solutions, none of them have met my expectations.

From what I've picked up from your posts about Vault-OS, it seems more aligned with what I've been thinking I'd like.

If you release this open source, I might just tinker around with getting it running on a Raspberry Pi.

Grognard said...

Now all we need are some programmers capable of handling pipe and fork.