Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Vault-Co Book Entry

This book is quite good Commie Crapola. I have almost finished it.

UPDATE : NAH. As you get farther in the book you realize it is the usual Marxist agitprop for world government and central control of everything. Well disguised but then the shrill lefty starts to bust out, including the usual tripe about globowarmthinkery.

Most of the parts about prehistory, in particular the chapter on Neanderthals, are poorly researched bunkum. A lot of it would be news to ordinary people but it was covering old ground for ideas I have improved on.

It was very refreshing to hear from somebody other than a tired whiney Marxist shrieking about how we're all going to die. Whenever I hear modern metrosexuals humming this drivel I always think of that scene with Arnie in Total Recall ...


Justin said...

I heard her interviewed on Coast to Coast. She sounded insufferable to me, and rather shallow.

mexicano said...

Just saw this -