Friday, May 31, 2013

U.S. Government Admits To Assassinating Unarmed Man In Cold Blood

Concedes they shot an unarmed man seven times, including a killshot to the head, after questioning him for eight hours in his own home

Mexico has a government more honest and accountable than that of the United States.

The irony - his father has sought refuge in Moscow for safety and is asking the U.S. government to explain why they killed his son, an unarmed free man who was not under arrest, in his own house.

Even radical leftist scum and paid shills can see there is something wrong with this story

This guy was too close to the other two patsy stooges they pinned it on and so they decided he had to die. They kill everyone who makes things complicated for them.

Lately, you really have to wonder what happened to Breitbart. Seriously. That stuff once seemed too far out even for me but you have to wonder. Breitbart just dropped dead suddenly without any explanation after a drink. An objective observer would conclude that the Kenyan Occupational Government is razing through more political opponents than Idi Amin. Elect a Kenyan, get Kenyan-style government.

All of this would be hard to believe if somebody was making it up as a fantastic story. Unfortunately, the reality is more incredible than any fiction.

The United States is becoming a lot like the Mafia, where they kill their own hitmen after the job is done in order to avoid leaving any traces. I'd think seriously before taking a job of any kind with this government for any reason, even in this economy. I would not count on collecting that retirement pension. Notice how the funerals are always closed-casket ceremonies. For all you know, their bodies may not even be in that box, to avoid a future possibility of it being exhumed.


Jack Black said...

It wasn't his house. It was a FBI safe house that he'd been held at for 7+ hours at the time of death.

styrac said...

Countdown to WW III: Russia prepares for endgame. Israel " a likely target".

No-fly zone over Syria an act of war that would carry risks: US general

Grognard said...

I don't think israel is delusional enough to attack russians, but if they do we won't have to hear about their nonsense in the news any more.