Thursday, May 2, 2013

The End of the Gould Scienmajistics Cult

Without Gould alive to scream and hysterically rant at his detractors, the "socialist scientist" stands no chance of surviving objective appraisal in cold hard light. None at all.

Gould was a godawful pants-on-fire liar from the minute he woke up in the morning to the setting of the sun. He was the American Lysenko and he set back popular science by fifty years. If Gould had died in a bus accident at a much younger age, science in general regarding human beings would be far more advanced by now. It is a pitiful situation given that it is the year 2013 A.D. after the first sequencing of the human genome. Mostly the public recites ideas from the 1970's that the original proponents have themselves abandoned as embarrassments to their professional reputations.

It's a sad world we live in and a lot of it has to do with the fact it is a post-Gould world. He damaged everything he touched by association and left nothing intact without it being dreadfully obfuscated. He always had a special appeal for those who were themselves perpetually confused, treating them like kindred souls and appealing mostly to their vanity.

Remember, stupid people always outnumber their betters in the thousands. Gould amounted to their high priest in all matters of general confusion and solipsist self-referential rubbish.


Grognard said...

And remember spangles. I want to use a very crude word in regards to this cretin but I will restrain myself.

The sinus cavities are simply "spangles"! Not the obvious function, a radiator for cooling the largest brain on earth. It's also just coincidence that the addition of the sinus cavity is also the exact amount of negative ballast needed to make a fit human slightly bouyant in water.

No, they are just an evolutionary side effect with no function.

The lies are bad enough but the stupidity is hard to stomach.

Grognard said...

And of course Chomsky latched onto the spandrel idea as well. Language spandrels!

Very appealing to a certain sort as it implies any crazy nonsense is possible, even required. Nothing has to make sense. These people claim to believe in evolution but they have redefined evolution. Instead of simply being selection as it should be it is "drift" and selection is politically incorrect.

So when the Romans burned carthage to the ground that was "evolution".

Sitara said...

Check this out, it appears at least some Kwa settlers practiced cannibalism back in the day on their own children:

Also, good 2 have u back.

Amy said...

I wonder, indeed, what motivated Gould to fudge his data. I wonder further about the praise and promotion his book received.

I recall the past president, Lee S. Shulman, of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching (which issues the "units" of validity for a school's curricular rigor and graduation requirements) referring to Gould at "his finest" in The Mismeasure of Man. In my eager-to-please my liberal bosses years, I read Mismeasure and was not sure what to make of it - precisely because it smacked to me of disingenuous ideas and non-logic. I put it out of my head until now. The article brought it back; Gould did not recreate the experiments, he merely indicted them sight unseen in service of an agenda.

The sanitizing light of the sun cannot shine brightly enough on these worms.