Friday, May 24, 2013

Silent Genocide of Christians In The Holy Land

It is forbidden to publish, speak or even think of this thing.

When the Nazis did it, then it was evil. When they do the exact same thing, it is good. It doesn't really matter because as far as you are concerned you are forbidden to talk about it. It is a non-story that never happened tralalalalalalalalalala can't hear you.


Cranberry said...

Globally, hundreds of thousands of Christians are persecuted and murdered for their faith, and no one mentions them. Ever.

I was shocked to read about it happening in India, in National Geographic of all places. NatGeo is usually so careful to follow the narrative. And I know India has its strife, but I thought Hindus were a pretty tolerant bunch. Guess not.

Grognard said...

And it wasn't long ago that everyone in the middle east was christian. There was no "conversion" just genocide.