Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Secret Relocation Of Vault-Co

Been relocating my family the past week.

We've been talking it over for years, finally got around to it.

I checked my mailbox and had a ton of letters from people worried I might have decided the flag had gone up so I welded myself inside the shelter.

The shelter had both hatches and two doors cut off a few weeks ago and was backfilled with about 8 tons of sand and rock after I cleaned it out and brought all the good electronic equipment up. The quonset and staging room was smashed in with a rockpick at my request, I was proud to see it stood up to quite a beating before it finally caved in.

Finally the mold met a force it could not defeat.

We have been busy organizing alternative shelter in our new location.

I have been worried about facing the Pacific Rim now since 2009 and expressed misgivings many times to my wife that we settled in the wrong place. After some research we realized that a far superior survivalist city existed in Australia that we had not considered prior to moving to the Gold Coast. One that did not rest on the Ring of Fire and was not historically subject to tsunami. I had been having repeated nightmares about a wall of water so high it blotted out the sun approaching our mountain redoubt. I'm not partial to dreams as a method of predicting the future but after you have had that same dream a couple dozen times you wonder if your subconscious is trying to tell you something.

It is really beautiful here, possibly the most beautiful city on the entire planet. I think of it as Switzerland down under.

My son and I were exploring the local infrastructure and underground it runs for miles and miles. You can cross half the city without surfacing once you know where the entrances and exits are.

We are very happy here, we had a few minor hiccups but otherwise it is even better than we had imagined. I am just getting my study (an independent building now from the house) organized and putting my development machines back online. We should be back to normal operations within a week or so.


iese_83 said...

So you are insane after all !. None of that is true, ...but if it were, then ; whooaaa!. You must feel pretty dumb, building your Pyramid in the wrong place !. Thats a bummer. Well, anyway Tex is actually still alive it seems.

me said...

Congratulations on the move.

FWIW I took your advice and got a Robert W Felix book - the evolution one. It's interesting.

Mex Arcane said...

It sounds very much like you've moved to the same city I'm relocating to in one month's time (from Sh*tney). You've always ripped off my mojo, but this time you've done so with a preemptive strike. Clever move, Mr Texas.

Simon said...

Where is it??? At least tell me what state it is in. And which region.

They call me Moe! said...

Happy to hear of your relocating.

Will you be building a new Vault at this location? Or, do you now feel that the threat has passed?

KW Jackson said...

Welcome! Don't worry about the volcano to the east. It hasn't rumbled for 200 million years. All those vents are under NZ, now.

Texas Arcane said...

I'm going to be building the best shelter of them all this time. Already pricing the construction and assembling the work crews. Third time is the charm. I am going to be inspired less by Cresson Kearney this time around and more by Fallout 1 on this version.

The great thing about my new location is that it is less than twenty minutes from the plant where they actually manufacture ICFs and fifteen minutes from where they manufacture corrugated stainless steel tunnels and pipes.

I will also not be doing any of the work myself this time around, just approving the design and supervising some steps of the construction.

Antithesis said...

A Switzerland down under, sounds like Tasmania

Ave said...

Tex, don't give any hint regarding your whereabouts. Just don't.

samhuih said...

I hope you'll look at a couple of ideas before building.
This guy uses plastic forms blow by a squirrel cage fan. I had a vinyl pool cover one time suspended like this. It could be walked on. It will hold up fine to thin layers of shotcrete. Which can then be thickened to final form.

Here's how you build your supports,beams, vaults.

General idea. Build supports beams with silt fence or fabric poured concrete. Tape plastic to the top of the supports. Inflate with fan. Shoot a thin layer of shotcrete on the plastic. Wire mesh and rebar over that. Next more layers of shotcrete.
Could also make vaults ( vaults hmmm...) with fabric and hand place them on fabric poured supports then shotcrete or pour. Save you a lot of money and you wouldn't have a round bottom to deal with. More room. Stronger. The fabric vaults and panels provide a naturally formed “force path” for the highest strength. Look better. The work they've done is truly stunning. Don't let your wife see the stunning fabric vaults or she'll never let you build with ugly steel pipes. :)

Unknown said...

Toowoomba - The Garden City? 130 km off the coast and almost 700m elevation, but still close enough to Brisbane and Gold Coast for current work?

PrairieSage07 said...

Do you know of anyone who has workable designs for shelters? Real designs of built ones with pictures, not just 50 year old civil defense drawings.

I've wanted to built a shelter for a few years, but just can't seem to find a design that I like. I live in the middle of farmland Wisconsin.. so I am not worried about blast, just the fallout..

baduin said...

Did you read anything by Tolkien? That dream about the great wave is rather familiar.