Saturday, May 18, 2013

Popular Lie About The Minoans Debunked

... just like all those whoppers about the Egyptians and the Sumerians.

Men say a lot of stuff. They aren't very trustworthy. There is more truth in honest examination of DNA than 95% of the books ever published by human beings.

Homo Sapiens gave himself a very ironic latin name. "Thinking man," he declared in his vanity. A perfect example of a lie designed to convey the exact opposite of the truth. "Homo Deceptus" would have been far more accurate.

Abel was a simple herder who found favor with God. He was killed by his brother the agriculturalist Cain, a murderous deceitful and profane man who founded the first city.

In the Apocrypha, Eve was pregnant with her first child when they were banished from Eden. It wasn't Adam's son she was pregnant with. Abel was Adam's son. The serpent seduced Eve. It says so even in the Hebrew texts in plain speaking.

The children of Cain are liars. Everything they say is always the exact opposite of the truth.

I'm proud people have always thought me a simple fool who comes out and says what he is really thinking. I'm delighted I have always been regarded as a person who clearly lacks guile. What an honor for me to be designated this kind of "defective" by Homo Sapiens. He has clearly identified me as distinctly different from himself and his peers from a very young age. I am flattered to be thought a buffoon and grow more proud of this label every day. To have a Homo Sapiens dismiss you as a person of no worth is one of the highest honors a person can possibly receive in this life. You're right about me and my kind, Saps. Absolutely right. We are born losers in your estimation. We have no "game," and thus are completely inequipped to participate in your society since for you there is nothing but "game" when dealing with others. Neanderthal has no game, Neanderthal is the solid man of the earth, the original man, the first man, the only man. All others are extremely poor clones of a quality product built to last.


Some dude said...

She had a 3rd son genius.

iese_83 said...

Well spoken and good links. Ty

Grognard said...

Here's something to make you rage. The FDA is trying to make it so that drugs have to be renewed over and over, that is they will never ever go "off label". Not to mention the special benefit given to "orphaned" diseases (orphaned by the FDA itself!) which allows any who make them to charge way more and hold patents longer.

I came across it while looking for this:

The gnarly man, a story of a neanderthal who managed to live into modern times.

Afrocentrism is amusing, but it's killed by the fact the Bantu expansion took place in historic times. Fact is, africa is not all that black today, and it was never black at all until very recently.

The arab expansion is even more recent and much larger.

It astonishes me that people can be studying the origins of man without knowing very recent, well documented history that throws everything they say into the rubbish heap.

If someone said that an isolated part of asia like korea was the basis of all evolution they'd be laughed out the door but ooa has somehow become accepted as undeniable fact in a very short period of time in spite of no fossil evidence for this.

When you realize that "lucy" was obviously the chimp ancestor and that it was found on the exact ranges of present chimps but no chimp ancestor could be foud...and it's a knuckledragger. Well, it's pretty obvious.

Especially when the possible common ancestors of chimps are all outside of africa, and africa as a landmass (even including the non black parts) is about 1/10th the size of eurasia.

Grognard said...

Also, Morton's toe.

Every single neanderthal footprint found has morton's toe. All the homo erectus have the egyptian toe. Still lots of people like me and presumably you have it to this day.

You can link morton's toe, red hair, left handedness or ambidextrousness (like me and my uncle), autism, fast braingrowth in childhood, drd4 7r dopamine, schizofrenia, autoimmune diseases from overactive immune system together. All to west europe and even more so to specific ethnicites.

That was also called the "greek toe" and red hair and left handedness were common in troy, greece, ancient iberia and etruscan empire.

When you look at the numbers, that 4% is kind of BS. It implies west europe has 4% of its common ancestors as neanderthal but there's a great deal of overlap in the sequences. Due to selection you can't tell for certain but it really means the number is much much higher. I'd say, you know, knowing math unlike anthropologists, it implies humans in the west of europe simply evolved from neanderthals as their main ancestry. Most of the washing out of these traits has actually happened in historic times, though it's been going on for 40k years and really there's been slow trickle of intermixing over time.

That is, the initial theory of multiregionalism that lasted for over a century was absolutely correct or close to it. But what do I know I just make stuff actually work, right?

me said...

You write
"I'm proud people have always thought me a simple fool who comes out and says what he is really thinking. I'm delighted I have always been regarded as a person who clearly lacks guile. What an honor for me to be designated this kind of "defective" by Homo Sapiens."

For years I thought along these lines, but only hazily. Reading your opinions about the Neanderthals has helped me. ... Not that I agree with everything you write.

I just wanted to post that about a month ago I told someone an idea straight from here, that a hominid calling itself "homo sapiens" was the funniest bit of self-aggrandizement ever. They got it right away!

Michael Penn said...

The funny thing is that they claim this means the Minoans couldn't have been 'refugees' from Egypt as they previously thought. They are too stupid to make the connection that the ancient Egyptians were also Caucasians, despite the fact that the Mail itself has previously posted articles on DNA analysis of Pharaohs which demonstrates that this was the case.

JeffreyJerpp said...

Regarding the Morton's toe:

Wouldn't be surprised if this feature was incorporated to the N'lim breeding and thus "royal" genetics, and the persistence as an aesthetic ideal in the middle ages was simply due to an association with the superior symmetry and muscular development of Neo genetics. Really cool find, Grognard.

styrac said...

Pierre Honore debunked this lie a long time ago but no one listened because his views were considered "white supremacist" and "racist"

See the last paragraph of my post on March 12, 2012 at 10:57 AM

Grognard said...

Supposedly, out of africa occurred from east africa, however it's clear that this was not black africa even a few thousand years ago. As I said, we already know it wasn't anyway due to history of the bantu expansion.

When you look at the "diversity" in africa closely you find it's a lie. There is a great deal of difference between the various groups in africa, but the total number of allelic variances in western europe is greater than the rest of the world put together and then some.

This means these groups didn't come about in africa. They all came from elsewhere. It's pretty obvious that the bushmen (who until recently had a much huger range from east africa to south africa) are closely related to asians such as vietnamese, and are a relic of an earlier expansion.

All north africa has a similar explanation. Carthage, rome, troy, ancient greece, we know historically we should be able to genetically link all of these and we can do so when we look at their DNA.

Grognard said...

Michael, and since it's a multigenic/mixed dominance trait you can get a pretty good ballpark estimate of how "greek" greece is these days.

Of course when people have suggested to look at these obvious clues they've been shut down by the powers that be.

Perikymata in teeth is another telling feature. You can rule out most of the more fantastic theories of evolution by looking at this. It changes only extremely slowly over time until historic times implying that any kind of evolution was a pretty gradual thing that happened everywhere at once, NOT something that magically happened over night.