Saturday, May 25, 2013

No! You don't say. Whoodathunkit.

I knew this would surface shortly.

Yet to be revealed - they were staging a "drill" on the same day at the same location with the same soldier in which a "stunt infidel" would be hacked to bits and then widely publicized via social media. These crazy coincidences just keep happening. Charles Fort would be proud.

Remember kids, multikult is wonderful, except for the part where they spontaneously chop you up with machetes in the streets. This, not so good, itz. Everything has pros as well as cons. The pro is you cease to exist on your own soil.

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styrac said...

Woolwich attacker seen rallying in radical Salafist protest:

The same kind of people the UK and other 'Western' governments are funding and arming to do stuff like this (warning: graphic video:

Sorry fellas, I'm cheering for the enrichers yielding machetes this time, bringing home the situations you've been imposing for years on foreign countries that never did anything against you: