Thursday, May 16, 2013

Kwanstainia Is A Land of Winnarz

When Winnarz Win - A Kwanzanian Odyssey

When more embetterment crashes into improvamentashun and diversificates into carbon neutral sustainable cannibalism, this train wreck is voted off sanity island. I had no idea just how embettered it could get with the power of edjamafacashun.

If what you are doing leads to failure and you keep doing it anyway, it could be the problem lies with the fact that you are crazy and have lost touch with reality. When what you are doing leads to failure, that may be a sign you don't actually know how to succeed at what you are doing.

Our ancestors made it all look so easy. They're all gone now and they've been replaced by a generation of dunces for whom absolutely everything is impossibly hard. Just keeping the lights on and clean drinking water flowing is way, way outside their resume.

New study provides hard evidence that IQs have been plummeting for over a century

Oprah lied.


Grognard said...

IQ tests have been readjusted to inflate scores.

We are scoring higher than ever! 80% of people are now 120 IQ because we educated them.

Except in reality they fail miserably at the old IQ tests like you and I took. My IQ must be 2 million in modern IQ tests.

Grognard said...

"Study claims we have 14 IQ points LESS than our 19th Century ancestors"

14 less? Study confirmed.

marlon said...

Why is IQ plummeting?

marlon said...

Why is IQ plummeting?

JeffreyJerpp said...

Because homo-sapiens females are programmed to select dysgenically, and the various "safety nets" of modern society interfere with mechanisms for natural selection on the population.

Robin Baker, a zoologist who has clarified sapiens sexual behavior in the context of similar animals, recently wrote a fiction novel that sums up the views nicely

"Presumed dead, a group of undergraduate students who go missing on a deserted Pacific island emerge one year later in two groups of ragged (and naked) survivors. All but one of the surviving women have conceived, and two students, plus their professor, are said to have died. In the glare of the world's media, every survivor sticks to the same unconvincing version of events. Piece-by-piece the narrator examines the evidence and conducts interviews with the survivors, to work out exactly what happened on the island during that year. Slowly, a disturbing picture emerges of feral humans driven by rivalry and sexual tension—a Lord of the Flies scenario for adults that suspiciously seems to test the dead professor's theory that by nature people are no different from apes in the wild."

When you realize how the mating game theory plays out, you see why amnesia/selective memory makes a ton of sense for most people.

Grognard said...

Tested my reactions, they beat the old mark handily in spite of my age.

I think/hope there is some sort of bias error, ie they are sampling idiots. Since the percentage of people in western countries going to college has skyrocketed, basically you are testing a bunch of people who would NEVER ON EARTH have gone to college 30 years ago let alone in the victorian era where there were very few institutions.

I'm guessing it's part that, and part that the people being measured aren't the same demographic but people who've immigrated in recently and just aren't as smart.

Hopefully that's the case as the third alternative, that the environment and diet etc. are destroying our brains is the only other alternative that seems to make any sense.

But it's probably a bit of each, hopefully not too much of the last one though.