Saturday, May 25, 2013

I Have Known This For Twenty Years

I figured it out a few days after I arrived in this country, just by listening and observing.

This situation is not going to improve and so the only option in order to continue to pretend to be a modern civilization is to construct a fantastic delusionary world in which adults don't need to be able to read, write, think rationally or even display the capacity to reflect for long on any subject.

This doesn't bother me as an abstraction. I believe the average human being will always be a simpleminded peasant no better than any serf under feudalism. I don't think this makes my fellow man any less worthy than I am or entitles me to take any petty advantage because of it. I don't get angry at people for their shortcomings. They are to be pitied that they live and die in this condition. Otherwise it would be none of my business.

My problem comes when these people get jobs in my industry in senior positions and end up supervising me as a software developer. That bothers me. You have to experience the surreal feeling of having a guy actually sneering at you as his inferior when he cannot read, write or even speak articulately enough to make himself understood in conversation. Having that guy as a senior architect or as a project manager is a truly absurd situation. Once installed, he will chain hire a series of his peers and before you know it you will be answering to a dozen people like this, all of them regarding you as a necessary evil ... when you may be the only real software developer in the entire building.

I wish I was making this stuff up. I'm not. This is the reason I don't believe the software industry as a whole is going anywhere. There will always be exceptions and god bless the competent. The rest of them are simply damned. Everything about them is abomination. They don't care. They just want a middle class lifestyle and a paycheck on Friday. Yesterday it was manufacturing. Today it is computer and information technology. Whatever. Deep down, these people don't get excited about anything but beer, football and sex. All I wish is ... I didn't have to work alongside them. Is that such a big ask? All it would take is people competent to do the hiring to begin with.

If you're in an interview and your candidate has no private enthusiasms that he works on at home related to this industry, you're talking to an ordinary person pretending to be an I.T. person because he wants some money. Don't ask him about crap like lectures given, credentials he has, references he can produce, courses he has completed - this stuff is exactly what frauds used to build up their portfolio. Ask him where his passion lies after work is over. If he shrugs and tells you he likes to watch spectator sports, you've got a charlatan. Real developers can't wait to get home to work on their own private projects. If your candidate tries to change the subject to a football team or says he likes to hit the pubs after work, make sure you curb him right there. He is a Homo Saps and completely useless for problem solving or accomplishing any meaningful work. There is a reason that 8 out of 10 projects fail miserably and it is awfully coincidental that at least 8 out of 10 people have almost no meaningful Neanderthal gene expression.


Grognard said...

Neanderthals have no chin whatsoever. Habsburgs of course have the most majestic chins imaginable.

The purpose of the human chin has been a subject of intense scrutiny for ages but it's really very simple. It became clean when looking as some aboriginies with natural beards to their wastes. It's an elaborate deception designed to make the beard wearer look more masculine, bigger, more commanding. Just like a lion's mane or a cock's crest.

Now obviously this has no effect on a thinking creature, and someone with this kind of strategy for survival isn't a productive member of society. They are a sham artist whose only means to survive is to convince others that they are the most important and wise person in the room.

Work smarter not harder, boy! Give it 110% and we'll beat those vile ruskies to the punch!

Of course their contribution to the work itself is nothing at all. The reason the USA is on top and England used to be is they are such clever scammers they have long since abandoned pretense leaders have to do or think anything, even generals. They all fly to their meetings with their own personal staff in their own private jet. They interact with other generals like sultans of neighboring city states conducting negotiations would, consulting advisors before each word they speak.

A few guys kept in dark rooms with diminuitive rank do all the real planning. Only during the most dire emergency does someone like Eisenhower or Grant deserve some sort of position of authority.

And for weapon design it's really a few people who do all the work. I have come to realize that's pretty much the case for all of science. A couple guys coming up with ideas and hundreds of people copying or outright plagiarizing them over and over.

iese_83 said...

I just watched last night one of those "make over" TV-programs, where they take some pointless peasants from the streets and make them look "younger & better & cooler" etc. It was an Aussie program, and i just thought, that "wow, that guy looks like a monkey! literally, he looks like a monkey !" and now this !. :D no amount of make up or over, could save his sorry ass. But anyway, why don´t ya set up your very own business, thats one way to re-route around them idiotic PTB. Or are the Aussies as opposed to it as my ppl ?. It´s basically Anathema here, the Gubmint would probably burn you if they could.

deadman said...

When it comes to dating, I find it odd that 'modern' women gravitate towards men who clearly live from a base instinct level.

I refer to these men as only needing three elements - beer, boobs & balls (sport).
Just for a bit of alliteration of course.

Then, when you detail to a woman that you live from a 'higher intellectual function', it sort of perversely fails to gain any interest on their part.

Idiocracy is now.

- deadman.

Texas Arcane said...


We agree on about 1% of society holding up the other 99%.

The chin thing, I don't understand.

Grognard said...

Well it's not easy to explain.

Deadman, mostly women want someone of a similar basic outlook to themselves. When women do have great qualities they look for the same in their men unfortunately for both sexes you are likely greatly outnumbered.

HalibetLector said...

I think the saddest part of the "idiots at the top of the software company" is when things fail and fail horribly, they don't put two and two together and realize it's them. I worked with one guy who had been working at my company for 3 years. Every single project this guy worked on was shitcanned. Six games in three years all canceled after 6 months to 1 year of development. He also happened to be the engineering lead who set all the development policies. He implemented the same failing workflows every. damned. time. And yet, everybody else thinks he's made of solid gold. Made me want to claw my eyes out.

Ave said...

There's a short story of 1951 called "the Marching Morons", by Kornbluth.

It's exactly about the 1% and the 99%, and it definitely has a malthusian aspect to it. This is why it has a sour, uncomfortable tone to it.

BTW, elements of this story have been found in the movies Robocop and Idiocracy.

mctps said...

Pure IQ doesn't mean much given the kind of times and circumstances we live in. There are near infinite ways of being dumb, and the system can use any of those ways against you.

What system, you should ask. It's the ancient system of remote mind control that Charles Fort wrote a book about, the manuscript of which he later destroyed due to reasons of vanity and selfishness.

I've written about this system at my site (my handle links to it). You'll notice that it elegantly explains everything from strange behaviour by Sandy Hook parents to all those phenomena Charles Fort wrote about in his later works.

If quantum field gravity is real, then the system can manipulate gravity as easily as it does charge via quantum entanglement. This means all those reported levitation experiences aren't necessarily hallucination.

Have fun.

Cranberry said...

I've felt this way at any job I've ever had. Not really that I could do better, though given training and motivation I probably could have. I was definitely at least as smart or smarter than many of my superiors, just not willing to play the game to get ahead.

No one can discuss anything with me that isn't superficial to a degree that is almost childish, but that would insult children. Cf Dan Brown novels - there is a new one coming. Vox had a write-up about it yesterday and it was so very refreshing to read the comments and know that there are a few voices out there in kind with mine. Most other people I know think Brown writes real history, and after The Da Vinci Code they are all now art and early Christianity history experts. I can't wait to hear the literary genius birthed by his new one about Dante's Comedia.

School is a huge part of the problem. Kids with plenty of raw intelligence to become consumers of and thinkers on middle-brow culture, philosophy, and politics, and the desire to work with their hands to produce tangible results, are being beaten down with endless mutli-culti babble, guilt over the sins of their fathers, encouraged to gratify themselves at every turn but ONLY if they sit still and behave, and generally be dependent upon state welfare.

I weep. Orwell flies right over the heads of 10th grade students. Reading To Kill A Mockingbird was challenging for them. The themes of Miller's Crucible went unnoticed - most of them thought it depicted a real moment in history and the term "allegory" must have just been my mispronunciation of the name of a Western PA mountain range (the Allegheny's).

My niece is in first grade. She's whip smart, just like her parents. She's into astronomy, so my brother bought her a telescope and some books appropriate for her age on the topic. Her excellent teacher spent the year showing them step-by-step how to write reports, and my niece wrote a 22-page long report on her favorite planet, Jupiter and it's family of gas giants. OK, 22 first-grade pages comes out to about 50 sentences, but she is showing signs of great promise. I wonder how she will cope when real learning is crowded out in favor of PC dogma. It's already happening to her, because she ran around the house the other day yelling at us to turn off the water, turn off the lights, re-use our cups, and unplug the coffee maker when we were done, to save the planet from global warming. When she saw my husband's farm truck, she told him he should consider buying a new one that uses less gas because he's killing trees with it. I'm not kidding you.

This is what the education system prioritizes. Not the "critical thinking" they so champion, but group-think. No deep philosophy, none of the great works of art or literature, not real science or its origins, no discussion of the Classical roots of Western civilization. Deep introspection is gone; it's all about how social you can be and how you can beat others into submission. A nation of bullies who use words as fists, still achieving the goal of robbing the shy kids of their lunch money.

deadman said...

Grognard, hence the 'Idiocracy is now' statement.

- deadman