Friday, May 24, 2013

Honey Is A Good Natural Sweetener

... the question is, where do you buy some at? The evidence is that none of that stuff advertised as honey at the supermarket has any honey in it.

Buy your honey at market from a beekeeper. It is the only way to purchase any real honey. The origins of the honey you buy at the supermarket are shrouded in mystery and probably for a good reason. People know real honey is expensive, there is a demand for honey and why shouldn't they just switch it for some more of their horrid corn syrup fructose? Who is going to prosecute them? Obama? A nation run by criminals doesn't prosecute criminals, it pays off their losses and runs defense for them.


Cranberry said...

And good emergency wound care, and allergy preventative.

I buy mine from a farmer who sells it raw with the pollen and wax bits still in it (he filters out any dead bees, though, thankfully).

That honey info was disturbing. Food Renegade had a good report on it a while back.

JeffreyJerpp said...

Apparently sometimes the reason pollen is absent from those honeys is to hide the country of origin, which in most cases is China.