Saturday, May 18, 2013

Choomster Summary

This is one of the best summaries of the incredibly bizarre whacky history of the Kenyan illegal immigrant I have ever seen.

You couldn't make this stuff up. Nobody would believe a wild story like this.

From the same site, some photos of that terrible bombing. (Warning, "Graphic") "Graphic" as a drill often is. Something is wrong in the photos. Kind of like Sandy Hook. The bright red arterial blood is kind of selectively laid down. In contrast to actual bomb blast photos I have seen, this all looks a little staged somehow. A little bit too neat and clean in most areas of the photos.

In Obama's nation, many Kwanstainians are deciding there are worse fates than death.

The last time I watch David Letterman. Ever.

Sista got shafted by ethnocentric math system forced on her by the "Man"


iese_83 said...

Just wow. This Obama story.... wow, well ; unbelievable. If even half of these links are true, the Big-World is much sicker than we small-worlders would ever be even able to imagine !!. How fucking insane are ya´ll !?. Well, in any case ; if there ever was a "race war" i can promise blindly that it will not be won by them colouREDS. In that Bombing article, you can see the guys toes and a shrapnel on his foot on the left.

Amy said...

"Subtraction is tougher than addition."

A sentiment evidenced by his cabinets inability to stop spending money.

iese_83 said...

I meant ; "shrapnel OF his foot" btw. A piece of his foot with toes on it, so i´d say, his leg / foot is truly in pieces.