Friday, May 17, 2013

Britain is a Lawless Nation

There is less civilization there than in the feudalism of the Dark Ages

Where invaders failed to conquer, immigrants have deposed the locals and rule the roost

This story is just a single anecdote in a sea of absolute madness. When you hear what sort of things criminals do freely in the knowledge they will never be punished or you hear of what Jimmy Savile did in plain view of everyone, you can be certain this is a nation where the monsters run the show. The society only enforces any rules in order to protect the predators, not their prey. The institutions run defense so none of their victims even know who to trust.


Some dude said...

This is a result of the disenfranchisement of fathers. The feminist/communist whores convinced the population that men were evil, this became part of the doctrine of the family courts. As a result men were separated from their children in general, and those men who had access to their children were effectively powerless to stop their kids from acting like, well, kids with access to drugs and alcohol.

That is where the Jimmy Savilles and the Pakistani rape gangs come in.

Frank said...

This might also interest you Cleve!

Frank said...!

This might also interest you.