Friday, May 17, 2013

A Good Time To Practice Penmanship

Whenever deathsquads are firing on me while I lie in a wooden boat, I find time to write a short letter detailing my manifesto and personal philosophy and be certain to leave it lying prominently about.

The mad irabi bomber first went to Gene Rosen's house to try to get him to give him a snuggle toy and a juice box but Gene was still walking in the crisis actor loop at Sandy Hook, months after the incident.

No but this is all true. Completely so.

The British government told soldiers in WW1 that the Krauts were melting down their dead bodies to make into soap because the Germans were out of horse corpses. This was published in all the newspapers, broadcast on the radio and highlighted in public speeches. People said this with a straight face and suggested for this reason that German civilians were fair game for rape or murder.

The guffamint tells the truth even though ordinary people lie frequently. This is a truthistic truism. Televitz sayz itz and televitz provez televitz works.


njartist said...

The excessive charges and penalties are inexcusable. I don't care if they are idiot peaceniks - I am a man of the right - nothing they did calls for these excess jail terms: they should get their year and that is all.

iese_83 said...

Some people just write really fast. ...Anyway, talking abuut the second BIG-war my fav. claim (by them Jews) is that the Germans actually shrunk their heads !!. Shrunk !!. So they cut of some Jews heads, probably boiled them (like them southern-kwa injuns) shrunk and dried them !!. And let me guess...wore them on a string around their berserk-necks ?!. Amazing, absolutely priceless Jews !. The Jewish hysteria, insanity and hysterical paranoia are actually unbelievably entertaining and sometimes hilarious.