Monday, April 8, 2013

The Design Of Sapiens Bipolar Mania

I just woke up from a long, deep sleep. I got up and immediately went on this blog to record an impression I worked out when I was slumbering before it faded. It seemed really important and I thought I had best write it down while it was still fresh in my mind.

There is a built-in failsafe device in Homo Sapiens designed to keep him from ever sustaining a civilization for much longer than 200 years at a time before lapsing back into disorder again.

It is inevitable that as a result of advancing his understanding to build the civilization, Sapiens will begin to realize some fundamental truths about his existence. An example would be discovering he didn't paint the caves at Lascaux or domesticate animals.

These fundamental insights, despite his best efforts, will begin to accumulate of their own accord through simple aggregation. These ideas will then start to form the outlines of his own image. It is nothing like the self-image he carefully cultivates amongst the members of his society. Nothing at all.

The longer his society exists in some stable configuration, the more likely these insights will start to coalesce into a conclusion about who he is, what he is, where he is and what is happening right now.

The ancient myth of the vampire claims that he cannot see his own image in a mirror. It is not that he doesn't appear in mirrors. The myth, before Hollywood got to it ... says he cannot see his image it is so repugnant to him.

When mankind begins to see who and what they really are, they respond by going mad and starting a war. They will wage this war until it has exhausted them. The purpose of these wars and the ensuing destruction is not to achieve any end in itself. Any excuse will do. The good war heralds any cause.

The purpose is to create a violent distraction sufficiently catastrophic that they will forget the image of the thing they just began to glimpse in the mirror.

That's it. Doesn't sound like much but it seemed to be a very powerful conclusion when I awoke.


Bob Wallace said...

We're the Moties in "The Mote in God's Eye."

Grognard said...

Sounds like you finally realized the purpose of the chin in homo sapiens.

styrac said...

Civilization doesn't remove savagery and barbarism by overcoming them, but by banishing them in the sphere of the unconscious where they gain greater power because they are thought to be overcome. In this respect the modern era with its pretenses to "reason", "progress" and "harmonious development" is not only the exception to mankind's violent past but the intensification of the discrepancy between the pretensions of reason and the bloody reality of human nature - and that's why its outburst will be the most bloody and murderous in the entire human history, both because of the intensity of this discrepancy and the possession of weapons of mass destruction.