Thursday, April 4, 2013

Terminal Madness of the End Times

I'm going to be busy in the coming week so I thought I'd just post a random assortment of links that portray the truth about what is left of Western Civilization. You're welcome to laugh or cry at any of them.

The thing about the modern world is ... as a general rule, it just doesn't make any sense. Worse, if you say out loud what is in your heart, that none of it makes anything like any kind of sense, other people will hate you. A lot. For saying it out loud. The last time this kind of situation prevailed is during the first Bolshevist revolution in Russia. Saying out loud something like "Hey we're all starving, collective farming just doesn't work," could get you lobotomized. So that's why I think it is fitting to call our society what it really is - the rise to power of the second Bolshevist revolution.

On a lot of days ... it just doesn't make any sense, period. I don't care how many people say otherwise, ridicule me or claim I am clearly outnumbered by people who believe it makes sense. I don't care. It is in my heart to say ... a lot of this is what you would expect to prevail in an open air mental asylum. It doesn't make any sense.

Baby shot in face, media doesn't bother to focus much on story at all

Dwarf Porn Double for Gordon Ramsay Found Dead in Badger Den Underground

Penguins reappear in Venice in icebound nightmare with record low temperatures at the same time globowarmthinkers claim the British will all soon be growing palm trees

Record low temperatures in Britain blamed on global warming by world media

Each year, farmers lose more of their animals because the government forbids them to expect cooling

Anybody who talks the way we do at Vault-Co is instantly labeled a madman by the majority

Somebody is using their German submarines to try to start a war between North and South Korea

Leading scientists worry about epidemics caused by epidemic strains they are deliberately manufacturing in their labs with government funding

Massive blaze in a nation's tallest skyscraper fails to cause it to collapse in exactly 20 minutes into it's own footprint like a controlled demolition

Scientists urge people to get more vaccines after admitting current vaccines don't actually work

A man who gave himself unlimited power to kill anyone worldwide at any time without trial or jury including his own citizenry was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize

See what I am saying?

Pretend you're a slack jawed professional village idiot like me and you take everything literally at face value. See how the world looks through my eyes? I don't understand what is going on anymore. No, don't laugh, I'm serious. Somebody explain it all to me the way you would to a 3 year old.


styrac said...


The Observer said...

Of course it all makes sense, Tex.

All you've got to do is to keep in mind that almost everyone is either evil or stupid.

KW Jackson said...

The Observer's right.

There's three reasons that expound why:
1. Dunning-Kruger Effect (below average intelligence individuals think they're smarter than they are)
2. Milgram Experiment (morals are abandoned in the face of authority)
3. Political Ponerology (psychopathic authority infects subordinates' psyches)

You can add more to this but those three observable effects explain the world exceedingly well.

styrac said...

Perhaps a good substitute for all the links you posted would be the short film "The Flying Car", it sums it up nicely:

Grognard said...

You mean AND not OR.

If you watch the movie The Invention of Lying you will have a clue into people's psyche. Except of course it's a delusion.

A world of people most of whom think they are the only one who figured out the idea that through deception they can pull ahead of the pack, and yet can't imagine that they can in turn be deceived.

100% explanation for any politician I have seen. Or met. Or worked for.

And most of everyone else.