Sunday, April 14, 2013

Media Blackout On House of Horror

I read that the reserved media section in the courtroom is empty, media refuses to cover any part of it.

Truly an improvamentation center in the finest sense.

Cats running around in surgery. No, sorry, I could not even make stuff like that up. I would never think of something that absurd.

The difference between Pravda in the Soviet Union and the modern mass media is that everybody knew Pravda was nothing but lies.


Amy said...

They probably rationalize it to themselves as a kindness to the public, sparing us the gory details of such shocking crimes...and yet they don't hesitate to report gore in other matters.

Heavens, if they reported on the case, people might be moved to reconsider their stance on abortion! Can't have that.

iese_83 said...

W in the F ?!. A nee groe huh, that is not surprising, but everything else is. Just by looking at him, you can tell that all the wires are not properly connected in there. What a lunatic man, whoa. A Demon-Nee groe. He went fully black and Voo Doo on your asses. Burn him.

That all sounded like a mad-scientist lab from Batman or something. The plot thickens..

KW Jackson said...

I can only guess this isn't getting the mainstream treatment because Kermit Gosnell would be dismembered by a roaring mob within 12 hours. I can't even process his kind of horror - I have to go into denial.

theepilgrim said...

This is what happens when TNB (typical negro behaviour) meets TLB (typical leftist behaviour). Voodoo meets nihilism; cannibalism meets Marxism; animalism meets humanism.

I'm only surprised he didn't eat the babies after killing them. Then Tex's vision of Kwanstania's future would be complete.

Suddenly, the dystopian future predicted by Huxley in Brave New World seems downright optimistic and hopeful.

lou said...

If abortion was made illegal women would have to risk venereal disease at the hands of untrained practitioners to get one.

Mex Arcane said...

Today I've seen many professed Libertarian groups praising the New Zealand government for its act of intervention to redefine marriage as extending to the union of homosexuals.

Homosexual lobby groups in western countries appear to be well organised, or at least well funded. They are a tiny, extremely vocal minority who like to try and represent themselves as being the majority. Why is this tactic so important to them?

People being people, they'll follow whatever they think the majority position is. Sure they'll speak with conviction when they feel that it's safe to do so, but they're fundamentally terrified of standing apart from the herd. Their conversations are mostly structured around reaching consensus, and identifying themselves as having popular standing. This is why it's so important for homosexual lobby groups to feign majority support. It is therefore necessary to speak up in opposition whenever they hold a "vote" or pay for a news article that is open for comment - you break the illusion of majority support, and you've pulled the rug out from under them.

Here's one:

styrac said...

"Why is this tactic so important to them?"

Because the postmodernist creed is based entirely on using minority "rights" in order to undermine all things majority and therefore all collective identities through which individuals use to define themselves (belonging to a nation, race, religion or even sexual orientation) and turning everyone into isolated consumer units that only follow "trends".

Collective identities, traditionally, where based on a hierarchy of identities, while postmodern globalism encourages the individual to exaggerate its own singularity. One individual means an identity of its own, while all forms of collective identity (religious, racial, ethnic and even sexual) are to be dismantled. Hence the hatred of the globalists for all things majority and their promotion of the interests of minorities (ethnic, sexual etc) up to the individual, against the ones of the majority.