Monday, April 1, 2013

Kwanstainia On Greased Rails To Armageddon

China and Australia Ditch ZOGBux for real money, recognizing this trash paper as unfit for anything but bird cage liner and firestarter.

Yuan crowned as new reserve currency of the planet

Dominoes begin to topple in the 'Stain starting with Stockton, California declaring complete bankruptcy

The Kwa pursues standard policy to try to gin up a new war to divert attention of angry citizens internally

 ... unfortunately forgetting who is really in charge of the world now.

Consequences, Kwa. If you have your own 3000+ mile wide nuclear war survival underground tunnel network and half your country devoted to civil defense structures then you can afford to mess with this dragon, otherwise your candy ass is screwing with the wrong superpower this time around. The leaders in the 'Stain still think they are living in the world of 1975.


styrac said...

More fossils reveal Neanderthals were eaten by Sapiens cannibal hordes:


"the scientists reveal they discovered 14 specimens of child and adult human remains in the cave, including teeth, a small fragment of skull, a vertebra, and leg and foot bones with bite and gnaw marks on them"

Scienmajists suggest that it was "big eyes" that doomed Neanderthals:

And because they weren't very good a making friends:

styrac said...

Russian bombers conduct practice strikes against US missile defenses in Asia: