Monday, April 15, 2013

Klaus Dona On The Melonheads

Recent appearance in Australia.

I could listen to this guy for hours. Always fascinating.

You will find that melonheads loved to wear scary masks and helmets in public. Theatre to impress the slaves. You will also notice they seemed to adopt identities that were anonymous in public in order to maintain a private life behind palace doors. Obviously ceremony and ritual formed a huge part of their everyday life, probably always as an extension to their ends. Perhaps even narratives and stories were conjured to communicate their plans and policies to the slaves as a sort of holographic reality that was intent on colonizing their minds. Exactly as Hollywood operates.

It is just a theory of mine but I think the evidence hints at these inclinations. They were always a race of liars, obscurantists and deceivers for the most part. Always many subliminal agendas going on at once, maybe sometimes even in conflicts with other melonheads.

For example, instead of simply telling the slaves to begin work on the next pyramid, perhaps staging a little play in advance of the construction complete with a rewarding climax and the "gods" richly pleased with the result. Allowing the slaves to think they too had planned the building from the start. I say this because this is how they operate 24/7 on television and in movies now. Horribly neurotic, of course.

P.S. Notice how the skulls at Malta were pulled in '68. Certain individuals were worried no doubt. Most of you probably think I make stuff like this up when I talked about this a while back. Wherever a melonhead skull of certain natural origins has been found, it is made to vanish a few years later as soon as it can be organized. You will see that Klaus has photos that cannot be found anywhere on the internet. Same situation for Amud skulls, except the Amud skulls are usually replaced with fakes shortly thereafter featuring sloping skulls instead of flat faces like we 'Thals have today. Somebody up there in the elites doesn't want people to see original melons or Amuds.


Matthew Richter said...

Tex, I'm starting to wrap my head around this ancient hominoid stuff you have writing about, more often over the last few years than any of your other niche topics, in fact I've only taken a real interest in the subject in the last few months. It all comes across as eugenics, which I am by no means offended by.

The basics of your observations and other mainstream researchers, correct me if I’m wrong, is this;

Neanderthals (Thals) were conquered by Homo Sapiens (Saps) and Melon Heads (Cone Heads) manipulated both of these groups?

The Waist to Hip Ratio post from earlier I found very intriguing. After a little searching on the subject I came across something called the Adonis Index and the ‘Golden Ratio’, I’m still trying to figure how a subtle aesthetic discrepancy could have such an impact on mans development socially over thousands of years.

From what I can gather the Golden Ratio (1.625) looks like something Stan Lee drew.
I couldn’t resist and tried it out and I’m currently 1.333. When I am doing farm work my waist is usually 29-31 and shoulders 48-50 (1.6), I haven’t done any consistent physical labour since November and have just gone back to the farm in the last week.

Dude, if you could post a few photos of modern people who fall into these three categories of hominoids it will clarify, visually, the subject of your writings.
Better yet post of photo of you Tex.

JeffreyJerpp said...


You've mentioned this before, but how gracile were the most developed Amuds? Was there a significant decrease in physical robustness between them and previous neanderthals?

Also, regarding the precognitive abilities you've mentioned before, as well as the enhanced neanderthal capacity for genetic memory I asked about earlier, something occurred to me yesterday: what if the precognitive capacity was due, in addition to sophisticated long range cause and effect thinking, also to the 'thal subconscious accessing archetypal or specific experiences it had had in the distant past, and simply applying current conditions as an overlay to those? If such an ability existed, it would go a long way to explaining the acuity 'thals demonstrate in predicting future trends and events, which seems to eclipse even that of melons.

minarchyblog said...

can you direct me to a really good example of thal, melonhead and cro mag faces that ISNT koanic soul? i find his distinction between cro magnons and thals imperceivable

84829942-3a88-11e0-83da-000bcdcb5194 said...

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Texas Arcane said...

Jeffrey-Jerrp :

When the Amuds were first found, they were initially thought to be a new species of Cro-Magnons. At that time the bones were examined and it was announced that not only were these bones very gracile (tapering as in adolescents) but just as strong as those of the Neanderthals, proving that Neanderthals must have been second fiddle.

Then they realized they were not CroMag but a new race of Neanderthals that was possibly quite widespread. Then in the 70's a raging controversy when some academics, trying to make a name for themselves, insisted they were "mimics" trying to pass themselves off as humans. Mimics in Israel? Oh, snap, all hell broke loose.

The skulls were yanked off the shelves and photos were copyrighted. By the 80s you needed a security clearance in Israel to examine an Amud skull. New representative skulls were put on display in Israel. Hey, wait a second, said visitors. The former real skulls did not slope back on their foreheads but were quite flat faced.

Nowadays, even saying "Amud" makes you an anti-semite in some quarters. Even asking about the skulls puts you up there with Hitler and Mengele.

If you follow up on what I have said you will find I am correct. Wherever challenging skulls of any species have been found, initially they are put on display by the locals who don't know any better. Shortly thereafter they are yanked and they go into the vault, never to be seen again.

Craig Miles said...

Tangled dolphin seeks help from human divers:

FrankNorman said...

Tex, could you expand on that story, because I think I'm missing something there...
First they find some prehistoric skulls somewhere in what is now Israel. Then some people suggest that said remains show convergent evolution between Neanderthals and Cro-Mags.
And suddenly its a national security issue and they keep it all a big secret? And anyone who asks about it is treated as a hate criminal? What the heck?

Are they afraid of the skulls being treated as evidence that Jews aren't real people, or something?

Jack Black said...

Tex get a load of this:

Texas Arcane said...

Frank Norman -

The ridiculous part of it is that modern Jews are 90% Ashkenaz, probably further from Amuds genetically than are Christian European gentiles.

The fear that somebody will simply say "gracile human mimics found in Israel" means it has to be suppressed information. Technically, the modern day inhabitants of Israel are not even related to these fossils.

The likelihood is that after several thousand years of genocide, Neanderthals had to start looking like juvenalized children from a distance in order to pass undetected near Sapiens camps. This is exactly what the Amud looks like. They have the fossils of a sixty year old Amud who had the exact proportions of a 14 year old boy. This probably enabled them to confuse Cro-Magnons from a distance and enabled them to escape unharmed. They might be watching a valley and say "I have not seen any of those damn Neanderthals but it looked like a young kid wandered through here earlier."

Grognard said...

Looks like Stephen Jay Gould is now proven as a liar, data manipulator and character assassin.

Also looks more and more like there was no "out of africa" just another lie right from the start. Dentition (teeth) don't lie, and those have stayed separate from the start area by area and have always been the biggest predictor of neanderthals being part of our makeup.

There's no real "cro magnon" either, all the modern looking fossils from there are now proven fake.

At this point I'd guess turkey, India or asia are the origin of human evolution and nothing has EVER come out of africa until historic times. Unfortunately nlike africa these places have had active quarries for milennia, and in China of course they grind the bones for magic potions. Some peasants have probably eaten all the best artifacts in their tooth ache remedies. Even so all the most interesting artifacts come from asia so there's not much other conclusion you can make if things like honesty and reality have anything to do with what you believe and say.