Friday, April 5, 2013


I just finished reading CHARLES FORT : THE MAN WHO INVENTED THE SUPERNATURAL by Jim Steinmeyer.

What an amazing human being. In his own little world, one in which incredibly his preconceptions probably come much closer to reality than all the career rationalists will ever achieve. A dreamer who struggled to envision what the world might look like if one was awake.

In reading his younger years, I knew even before I got through the chapters what they would say about him. I knew because I knew Charles Fort.

Scared of girls and almost incapable of speaking to them. Clever and quick witted and seemingly unable to profit from it when it came to other human beings. A misanthropist who was restrained by a deep conscience in the matter of principles and conduct and how to treat others in such a way as to do them justice in every regard. Possessed of an astonishing strength in his body with the robustness of a bulldog. A way of speaking and writing that made it appear he had not only reinvented English but had improved on it substantially when doing so.

The words on the pages came after I knew what they would say. Strange nosebleeds that came and went with his depression. Of course. A funny discontent that made him stand out from all other children as though he were in the grip of some enchantment.

Should you regret your curse and seek to forget it, I shall cause an issue from your nose to remind you and an outpouring of blood. You (or "your kind") shall have no peace when you sleep or when you are awake ever again.

- The Demon Humbaba, The Curse Upon Enkidu in the Epic of Gilgamesh

The basic insight into the world offered by Charles Fort, similar to that of author Colin Wilson, was that despite the universe being inexplicable, unfathomable and marvelous beyond the dreams of any conceited and blinkered academics ... was that it was fundamentally good. That in spite of all the lies told to us by our authority figures to convince us they had all the answers, the real answers were not something to be feared because the universe was okay and essentially on our side.

The reason this message from 'Thals throughout time is opposed by every level of orthodoxy is that if the universe is fundamentally good it means you don't need them. If a man's private experience of it is something that anybody can discover for themselves it means that you are cutting the primary invisible threads of dependency which their income and social position relies upon in order to keep them the "boss." If the universe is fundamentally hostile and (as they are always telling you) only their institutions can protect you from it, they can build a colossal hierarchy on top of your concession, complete with taxes, tenures and total control over human existence.

In the cave paintings of Lascaux we are looking at a race of people who place a very high premium on the experience of the individual and consider it something worth sharing with others ... but in Sapiens society only the "important people" get to lecture down to the rest of us what it is all about. We know they are important because they have media 24-7 reinforcing how important they are. They use the word "experts" and "scientists" to impress. Upon looking closer, we see they possess traits of neither. Like every 'Thal, Fort was pushing in the other direction and just introducing these ideas into the human mind threatens nearly every single human being who lives with their boots on our necks.

I've read quite a lot lately, most of it unremarkable dreck but this book was something really special. It will give you insights (like reading Colin Wilson) you might not otherwise have. It is a lively description of one of our fellow 'Thals and it may give you insights into your own life you will only chance upon by allowing Charles Fort's madly unconventional mind to work it's magic on you. I only second it to reading Fort himself.


Lugh said...

What about the nose bleeds? Do Thals produce too much blood and is this some way of relieving the excess?

deadman said...

Psalm 46:10

10 Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.

Psalm 46:11

11 The Lord of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our refuge. Selah.

Machine Head - Be Still & Know -

Michelle said...

Off topic:

Have you seen this sub-Reddit? It's called human biological diversity and has a lot of really interesting articles. Some intersting Neanderthal stuff in there, as well as race based biological differences, etc.

Chris from Sydney said...

Tex I think I found my sister who I was separated at birth from.
I wonder if she looks out the window and wonders when the car will pull up with her real family, and how they'll explain there was a mix up at the hospital....

Texas Arcane said...

Lugh -

Hematochromes. People who manage iron in their bodies through blood loss. Necessary to keep a high concentration when going into a battle for blood clotting, necessary to keep a low concentration for hibernation and keeping metabolic costs low.

If feeling sad-anxious-afraid, nose bleeds until proper iron concentration is available. It has also been determined to be an excellent way of maximizing calorie burn rates if in a famine condition.