Monday, April 8, 2013

Amerikwa : Left For Dead

Not a prayer.

Do you know when people will realize that nearly everything that they have been taught to believe about the world in the past fifty years is a lie?

When they even lose what little they have left.

Wonder why we're not covering the "crisis" in Korea? ... because it is a transparent attempt of the U.S. to create a diversion for their crumbling economy. They set all these forces in motion with their joint exercises with South Korea making rushes at the N.K. border. Create a crisis, offer a solution, be confused with leadership.

People would rather starve than think. They'd rather suffer like dogs than think.

In Homo Sapiens, thinking is only a last resort under extreme duress and something they try to forget as soon as the immediate crisis passes.

That's why soon, nearly everybody is going to start thinking for the first time in their lives.

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A SImple Man said...

Homo Sapiens are not a learning animal. Pitiful really. Unfortunately their histrionics and eventual demise will effect us negativly as well.