Monday, March 11, 2013

You're Never Better Than Your Leadership


Calls for the government to impose failure on the non-diverse by any means available.
A key leader in the black community and a driving force in support of the lawsuit, who wishes to remain anonymous, bemoaned the “disturbing tendency of black electorates to not elect the smartest and brightest, or even the cleverest.”
"Tendency?" You gotta be kidding me. They vote for idiots who can't pass gas without burning down half the city and resorting to cannibalism. They turned what might have been an orderly evacuation of Katrina into a death camp of waterlogged corpses of the elderly.

Show me the alternative to this "tendency." Anywhere on earth will do just fine. If they can vote, they will vote in halfwits and morons who will instantly engage in whole scale criminal enterprise at the expense of everyone no matter what their race. When one wins, everybody else in this solar system loses.


Amy said...

How much evidence will have to build before people see that integration does not work?

Look at the state of Liberia today. This is the future of America if this is allowed to continue.

Super-white majorities are the best thing that could happen to Atlanta, or any other place facing the same management nightmares.

theepilgrim said...

Amy, in America it's important to remember that it's not just integration, it's forced integration.

Ever since Little Rock Nine (and even before then) the bolshevists in power have made it clear that anyone who resists multikult will be literally threatened at gunpoint, with the same weapons they say us plebes and peasants should not be allowed to own (for our own safety, of course).

Turns out, when you force people to do things against their will there are unintended, negative consequences for everyone. Who knew?

This is why I find it funny that people in America still talk about the Constitution as if it were still in force. The US Constitution has been raped, beaten, torn into a hundred pieces and buried so far underground no one will find it for hundreds of years.