Saturday, March 30, 2013

What Happens In A Disarmed Nation

A return to olden times, when no home was safe from murderers, thieves and bandits

Home invasion very common now, thugs and criminals rule over the landscape, no fear of police rather they are seen as enablers and the oppressors of law abiding people.

Men are not learning animals. It makes me feel so very old to listen to their foolishness. They are utterly bereft of any wisdom or insight.

The modern era was created by Samuel Colt and the ever-present danger (to criminals) of firearms in every home. Before that there was only anarchy and utter lawlessness. Every law abiding man has to tremble in terror at any gang of thugs who decides to terrorize him and his family. The elderly are left as defenseless as infants before wolves.

They are a silly, childlike people who don't know anything about anything, especially not how to govern or how to live as men. They don't even know what they don't know. Have you ever known someone who tries to conceal the fact they aren't bright enough to understand a complex argument by shouting you down with slogans and cliches? Imagine 30 million people like that. They rush pell-mell towards their own destruction.

I was speaking with a guy yesterday at Subway when I was getting a sandwich and this dolt was telling me that now Australia barely has a military left, we will be much safer from attack from other countries now that we have no "hostile profile" in the region. When I asked him how he would feel about living under a Red Chinese protectorate, he shrugged and said "Deal with it. She'll be right. I doubt things would change much."

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Chris James said...

When Mr. Colt is absent, men must get reacquainted with Mr. Unyielding Melee Object. I once heard tell that a great-great uncle of mine stove in the heads of 3 assholes with the blunt side of a chopping axe when they tried to force their way into his home while his wife, nephew,and children were there.

Unfortunately, these days hardly any men have the grit or resoluteness to take such actions. The emasculation and cowing of the western male -by feminism, liberalism, media, chems, government, and law enforcement- is almost complete. As well, the doctrine of selfish independence has effectively divided and conquered, leaving the weakest among our family members at the mercy of psychotics.

Well, everyone, the thugs included, will have something else to worry about it looks like. In one day I read of at least 5 fatal and near fatal mauling of people by packs of dogs. It's like that thing you were talking about. I imagine it would be a bitch for them to see their scheme to bop an old lady on the head or cut up a family go tits up as a pack of feral pits and mastiffs turn the corner and leap for their throat...