Wednesday, March 6, 2013

"We are the only limit on our own power."

Elect a Kenyan in the Kwanstain, you have a third world dictator given first world technology.

Barack Obama was a "Constitutional Lawyer" who doesn't appear to be bright enough to have understood a word of it.

Obama was a crackhead, down-low brother who never showed up for class and had a chip on his shoulder a mile wide against everybody on the planet. It is God's fault his mother was a gangbang whore for the communist party and loved him less than his father did which was none at all. I promise you that if you read about any of Obama's interactions with any other members of the planet before he became President you will hear the same phrase over and over again : "Sneered and turned his back to me." I saw him debating Alan Keyes and when he began to stutter so badly you could not even understand what he was saying he did the same thing to Alan. Sneered and turned his back to his debate opponent.

This dude is scum. I mean, hardcore serious scum as a human being. I knew black drug dealers in New York city that would have thought twice before hanging out with this asshole. Even they would have thought something to be essentially wrong with this person.

I am not being sarcastic when I say I feel sorry for the younger Barack. I can only imagine what it feels like to grow up with neither parent caring enough for you to stick around. That's cold as hell and in many ways his plight is worse than being orphaned.

However, it is also about what you did with all of it.

There is no way that a man like this was ever qualified for the highest executive office in the world.

He knows it. He's a bastard and he hates the country that elected him. Hates it to the bone and would give anything to destroy it. It reminds him of who and what he is.

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