Friday, March 15, 2013

Vault-Co Blog Targets A Million Hits This Month

Can you imagine a blog with no advertisements, no ideology, no agenda and selling nothing getting over a million hits on the internet? Written by some severely retarded Asperger halfwit as a series of polemics on whatever strikes his fancy on any given day? Who wastes their time reading gibberish like this?

Do yourself a favor people, pretend it is an accident on the highway and make a conscious effort not to rubberneck as you drive past. Just let that tragedy play out privately. You'll only encourage him.

I figure the original Vault-Co likely had a million hits since 1998 (When it used to be called "TEXAS ARCANE'S SURVIVAL REPORT") so it is more like two million hits coming up.

Of course, anybody but a born loser would find something to sell by now with that kind of traffic. It would be the sensible thing to do.

I have no excuse. I can't think of anything to sell that you actually need and I feel like it would be vulgar to offer anything here.

I've been thinking for around ten years or so I would sell the guide for VAULT-OS off this site and give the source away for free. If I manage to finish my game up this year I will make that my next goal to complete. As has been the case with my game, people may be really shocked to see just how far I actually got with VAULT-OS all this time without ever getting a release version out. I have carefully archived all my source builds in C++ 16/32 bits DOS, Windows, Linux, Powerbasic For DOS and VB-DOS, so I may release those earlier experiments as-is and see if anybody else finds them useful to any degree.


Mex Arcane said...

It doesn't exactly take an Australopithecine ├╝bermensch to ride along on my coat tails, pinching a morsel of traffic here & there with the novelty of your little parody blog. I dunno what all this rambling nonsense about icecream and Kwanstainia is.

And to think that you've never even been able to turn a buck off it... That's a little phenomena called "market forces", rube. That's the viewing public offering their collective 2 cents' worth about the intrinsic value of your website - except it isn't even quite 2 cents. Oops.

A harsh judgement approaches this Texan homo habilis imposter. Might as well close the door on the whole cyber charade right now before the creditors come a-knockin'. So long, Mr Texas. Nice knowing you while it lasted.

Last one out, turn off the gas and leave the bin out on the front verge, because Collection Day approacheth.

Texas Arcane said...

Needs more cowbell.

Mex Arcane said...

Your blog's got a fever, and the only prescription is Vitamin Mex.

Pan Dromere said...

Moar like chefe aracane amirite

Matthew Richter said...

Just keep writing Cleve, Vault-Co helps to kick start my mornings along with cayenne pepper tea and 35g of creatine.

Rock On Dude :)

ray said...

i wasnt aware that this was a "mirror site" and that you'd "borrowed" your material from elsewhere

i must admit t.a. this drops you down a bit in the Order of Arcana, i was under the impression that you were too weird for a dopple

youre probly not even aspie either, just a thallie

anyway, disappointed cheers

samhuih said...

Congratulations! I've always wanted a underground retreat, home, shed or something and reading your site has finally made me flip the switch. (I'm the guy using telephone poles for supports.) I've got the top half of a steep hillside excavated and just today moved to the bottom portion. I'll send pics someday when I'm farther along. I love your site. You talk about a lot of strange stuff that I've wondered and thought about for a long time. We've must have read some of the same material so the first time I saw your site I knew that we were somewhat on the same wavelength. I've been reading you for a long time now. Hopefully many more to come.
P.S. If I lived in Australia I'd come get that damn door. Wow what a door!

Texas Arcane said...

samhuih -

I have heard a very solid shelter can be constructed from telephone poles. I am itching to try it myself in some capacity. I will probably use them as tunnel supports one of these days.

Good luck with that and I hope it turns out well. Make sure it is well ventilated.