Tuesday, March 19, 2013

U.S. Dairy Adds New Secret Ingredient : Aspartame

I definitely wish I was making this one up. This is truly through the looking glass, Alice.

If I lived in the U.S. I would stop drinking milk altogether and I love the stuff. Unless I could source it from somewhere I knew it was free of this crap.

Aspartame is one step up from drinking formaldehyde. I know because I used to be addicted to that poison. Horrible stuff. "Pepsi Max." The best way to gain fat in the shortest time. Diet soda is greased rails to the grave.


njartist said...

I wonder if this is because they have low sales on the watered down milk products such as 2% milk and low fat yogurt.

hitfan said...

I wonder why Michael Bloomberg doesn't mandate that fast food restaurants to offer regular soda water as an option? I would support that form of nanny state dictat.

For those who want to avoid sugar, they have to go for an aspartame-flavored diet soda. It would also be nice to have an option to avoid caffeine as well.

There is always plain water, but that's just boring and it doesn't wash down food quite as nicely as soda water.

samhuih said...

I now use stevia in my tea and like it a lot. Some don't like the taste. I recently bought some soft drinks with stevia in them and they taste ok too. Japan has been using stevia for I believe over a decade so I don't believe there's any serious health risk.
I never liked aspartame. It made me feel spacey and thirsty.

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