Monday, March 25, 2013

This One Is Truly Orwellian

Of course, nobody reads Orwell anymore. Just the last few remaining science-fiction dystopia protagonists like Vault-Co readers. How can you recognize "Orwellian" if you never read Orwell?


Amy said...

When I first saw that commercial, I had an immediate negative reaction. I knew why, it just took me some time to put it into words. I need to write about it, sometime, but the gist is this:

THEY are making security cameras seem like touchy-feely wonderthings without which we would never know of the goodness and humanity of our fellow man. We are so removed from our fellow men that we need robot eyes to inform us of their Robin Hood ways.

It's a two-fold win: we no longer fear, yea, we accept the cameras as a necessary and benevolent presence, and we trust our fellow men, for how, in the world of Big Brother, could he ever do us wrong, when we've been shown evidence that Our Fellow Man is always clearly acting in the right?

I taught Orwell to 10th and 11th graders. Right over 99% of their heads.

Grognard said...

He loved Coca Cola.